Surprised and Unexpected Fails | FailArmy

Surprised and Unexpected Fails | FailArmy
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  1. 3 stupid guys watching poor girl how she fell and none helped to get her up. Man this generation are really made of weaklings lol. I really feel bad for her, that is not even funny.

  2. If I had ever broked all these expensive stuff my mom would have already killed me but this is so funny 😂🤣😅

  3. I love how nonchalant so many of these people were about failing. Even the ones who got loud after having failed seemed pretty okay with their circumstances. I also love that this video has two separate pancake-related fails with different things going wrong rather than the same thing twice.

  4. I'm not sure the purpose it serves to blur out the bottles and other alcoholic drinks that are in the video there is kinda no point in showing the fail if it's been victim of political corrections before the rest of us see it uncensored

  5. You should get some sleep, and don't stress about everything going on in the world, or what you are going through. Don't dwell on things from the past, don't stress on your future. Just live your life, because you only get one. Do whatever makes you happy, not what other people want from you. For me, I'm gonna wake up tomorrow morning, get hit the gym, and cherish life for the amazing blessing that it is. I hope you do the same and have an amazing day as well!

  6. Fail Army, why are you now blotting out bottles if alcohol in the videos, it's obvious what they are. Are you going a bit Disney on us? Sorry woke on us?

  7. I just think that some people are too stupid to live, they deserve more harm and damage, so maybe they will learn something actually.
    But some of the clips were actually funny

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