Cave Exploring Gone WRONG | The Pannikin Plains Cave Disaster

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Cave exploring gone horrifyingly wrong. This is the story of the Pannikin Plains Cave Disaster.

Extreme hobbies can have extreme consequences…

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  1. Previous video in the series –
    Hey everyone! Hope you enjoy this cave diving disaster with a twist. The next upload will be an insane mountain climbing disaster. Thank you all for watching! – Sean

    Also, if you have any story suggestions, email or Instagram are now the best way to ensure I see your message!

  2. adrenaline junkies do their stuff cuz they want to be fully on this moment. In this moment there is no fear and panick. once you start thinking ur going to die etc(get lost away from this moment) then u panick. adrenalines junkies in other words dont get strong emotions, its exactly calm and collected. how could they do it if they werent calm and collected? good video otherwise, just had to clear the air from that thing.

  3. Not a chance in hell you’d ever catch me in a cave without a rebreather setup!! I don’t think I seen even one throughout this video..

  4. Man I love when they end well, it's such a relief.

    Your video editor did a marvelous job 🙂 I think they're right where they need to be! Thank you! 🙂

  5. iinteresting (and a relief) that it didn't end tragically. small detail, would've been good to hear more details on how the rescue went, if there are any more of course

  6. 11:45 “fifteen members were on their way to yhe cave when they would have heard this horrifying sound:

    Cuts to a commercial: “welcome to summer in Wisconsin…

    Me: Jesus, that’s TERRIFYING!!

  7. There is a story you might find interesting. It’s from the Piqueta cave. A man was trapped for almost 60 hours. It would be great if you wanna tell the story.

  8. hehe when you said "before they heard this terrible sound" an ad suddenly popped up of someone singing. 😂 the only time an ad made me smile

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