She Waited, Led Us to Find And Rescue Her Children Who Were In So Much Danger

She Waited, Led Us to Find And Rescue Her Children Who Were In So Much Danger
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She Waited, Led Us to Find And Rescue Her Children Who Were In So Much Danger

I accidentally met this kind mother on the street. She is approaching and trying to approach us. Beautiful and friendly. It looks like she’s raising puppies.

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  1. Let's us know please where her puppies are? Are they ok? Poor mother looking at her wondering where her puppies… You people are cruel!

  2. I meant to ask the same question? Where are the puppies? Why is the mother not with her children… The children is alive and well… Where are they?


  4. Geweldig wat je voor deze arme ziel heeft gedaan.
    Maar waar zijn haar pups gebleven.
    Zo liefdevol deze lieve hond is.
    En zo zijn haar pups verdwenen.🥺

  5. WHERE R HER. BABIES!!!!😠😠😠😠😠 SHE TRUSTED U W THEM…..WHERE R THEY 😠😠😠😠😠😠ok. U said they were safe….SHOW THEM W MOM!!!!

  6. I am unsubscribing from this channel. I have seen this kind of "help" too much. Why would you take her puppies away from her. That is not helping. It is cruel to remove her puppies when they still need her and she needs them. I am NOT impressed.

  7. May God bless your life abundently for your gental loveing heart for this very blessed mother dog. From me , l thank you with all my heart

  8. I'm keeping this as respectful as possible.
    I've read most of these comments, and we all want to know…. Where are her puppies and why are you keeping them apart?
    Almost every one of the 194 commenters want to know the same thing.
    Is this just another Click Bait Channel? Hook us with a sad picture and tale and don't give a hoot once you've gotten your "click."
    Not very responsible, makes me worry even more about Momma and her pups.
    Don't think I've seen your channel yet, I'll watch long enough to see if this is your MO.
    I can't figure out why you're even doing this. Why go to all this trouble just to leave us hanging?
    If we don't get positive results soon, I'm outta here, and I think lots of viewers feel the same way.

  9. This beautiful puppy, she's sad without her puppies. Where are the puppies? What did you do to the puppies? I didn't like to see this, she locked in a cage and without her puppies.

  10. Why is her pups not with her??? She needs a bigger space and her pups needs to be with her. You can supplement her feeding them with puppy food but how dare you take her away from her pups after she came to you asking for help. This just made me very sad.

  11. Que bueno que la ayudaron y la estén alimentando pero y sus cachorrillos??? Que los hicieron. No es justo que se los hayan quitado.

  12. What a horrible thing they have done. They had to but a shirt on so that the kittens wouldn’t nurse from her. She should be nursing HER puppies!!

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