Malaysia Airlines crash: Video shows the moment MH17 crashed

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Amateur video reportedly shows the moment Malaysia Airlines MH17 crashed in Ukraine with 295 people onboard. More from CNN at

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  1. There are a number of awkward questions that need to be asked about the anomalies in popular accounts of this crash, but nobody except the D.Mail is aking them. WHY? Has te world gone mad? As well as asking awkward questions, the Mail article also presents some awkward facts, while the rest of the media behaves as though it doesn't want us to know what really happened.

  2. Here's why MH17 is shot down! Russia was looking for a reason to invade Ukraine. Shoot down a Russian passenger aircraft, blame Ukraine, and start an invasion of Ukraine. The shooters by mistake shot down Malaysian MH17 instead of a Russian plane. A phone call was made to a Russian General, saying: we shot a wrong plane!

  3. All those virologists on board,obviously not on board with the planned scamdemic.. missile launched from the US puppet Ukraine…..nothing to see here 🙄🤫🤫🤫

  4. Gara2 konflik Russia dgn Ukraine Malaysia yg jadi mangsa .skrng balasan negara dia dh kena serang dgn Russia dulu kau tembam kapal terbang Malaysia skrng kau rasa

  5. Believe it or not, there was a biker that had a ticket for MH370 at the last minute I think because another one departed a little earlier, and then canceled a flight on MH17 cause another ticket cost like ten dollars less. Might’ve got the reasons mixed up but still mind boggling none the less

  6. I saw something BLOWN UP that was ALREADY ON THE GROUND !! MH370 !!?? WE SAW NOTHING FALLING FROM THE SKY !! & What dummy would be filming a field of MUD unless he or she knew to expect an explosion 💥 !!
    Use Common Sense – go to BitChute & search
    MH17 MH370 / get the TRUTH

  7. rest in peace all the People. And not to forget all the world leading aids scientist who could have Spoken out about the planned plandemic we are about to enter. thank you psycoptahs globalist.

  8. A 777 flight MH 17 the 17 7…the international call code to Russia is the 7 while that of Ukraine is 380 as the European competitor of the 777, if only 17 was not the 7th prime number ()

    2014 in addition to the world games in Russia, in addition to Crimea that year, is the binary suite 0 1 2 4 venting 7 in summation and we note the end of the European program 7 years later for the 380

    2014 and 7 years later, Russia showed up in armed force at the gates of Ukraine in 2021 to remember everyone, just a reminder

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