Plenty of animals rescued from New South Wales floods | 7NEWS

Plenty of animals rescued from New South Wales floods | 7NEWS
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Evacuation orders remain in place for thousands of residents along the Hawkesbury-Nepean River system. And the SES isn’t only rescuing people – plenty of animals are being saved too in a much-needed boost for morale.

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  1. "middle of a pandemic"??????? come on!!!!!!!!!! We did right by the pandemic, that's why we get a bit of a break here & don't have to worry about the pandemic complicating the evacuations! How about giving Sydneysiders some credit for how well we've done with covid!

  2. Fark your personal belongings and all you gruby farmers that allowed your livestock's to drown

  3. Where’s that moron Tim Flanerey, who said it wouldn’t rain enough to fill our dams? Give back your order of Australia and shut your lying mouth about this conspiracy theory called Global Warming! Build more dams to help flood prone areas and send left wing greenies to prison on terrorist charges.

  4. They're living on a flooding ecosystem zone. Hawkesbury River is always full and yet the Darling River dried out. Does anyone see what is wrong now with Government and big business not doing what is right? Are people going to wake up now? Hallelujah, Australia is having its usual mother nature rain's it always once had, that would spread across the Australian far horizon of "drought and flooding planes". The drought has broken and knowone it seems are all that well prepared. But media will beef up the storm.

    Me from Malaysia and aware, who won HongKong election, just the lady still pop out on TV….

    Democrat mean majority voters decide HongKong future since it was held during riots.

    Riots indeed wrong since its causing disruption to normal lifestyle yet 90% of HK people choose changes even their normal life disrupted.

    Why Hongkong people don't support Pro CHINA during election even everywhere were chaos?
    Your perception about riots mean what did by the govt cannot be wrong, were not the right conclusion
    (Google "Danny Woo Vk" in Bing for book of life and cure for COVID-19 without hospitalization, if link already broken)

  6. Nice then when the flood recedes the neighbourhood will still hear all the dogs barking through the night.

  7. Look how bad the climate problem is. Hottest place on Earth! You'd think it'd be like the Kalahari Desert not Sydney! I'm also not opposed to helping the animals but I live in the good state, Vic.

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