Kamandi Origins – This Post-Apocalyptic Hero Is Jack Kirby's Most Underrated Creation Of All Time!

Kamandi Origins – This Post-Apocalyptic Hero Is Jack Kirby's Most Underrated Creation Of All Time!
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Humans are social animals, and it is very hard for our species to live in isolation. It is unimaginable for humans to especially survive alone forever or live in a world where there are no other human beings. Such is the story of Kamandi, a young boy who has to survive as the last man on Earth in a world full of hybrid animals. Created by Jack Kirby, ‘Kamandi: the last boy on Earth’ follows the adventure of a boy as he navigates a world full of dangerous hybrids of animals who have now taken their place as the dominant species. He was raised by Buddy Blank, a Global Peace Agency officer who was one of the first officials to prevent this hybrid takeover from taking place. Let us explore Kamandi’s first comic book appearance and learn more about the last boy on the Earth!


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  1. I didn't know about the short they'd made. It definitely looks fun as a post-apocalyptic comic. Not as grim and gritty as Mad Max but more hopeful than Planet of the Apes.

  2. I learned more about Kamandi after the Countdown series, where on another earth the “Great Disaster” began with a virus that changed the humans to beasts and the animals to humanoids.

  3. I think it would be great if this character (KAMANDI) has a cartoon show series made about him now, for this era to watch.

    Plus to add I imagine the new version of the cartoon series KAMANDI; It could be titled as (KAMANDI: THE LAST INTELLIGENT BOY ON EARTH).

  4. I just seen this Animated Movie it reminds of Thundarr the Barbarian an by u mentioning created by Jack Kirby makes sense since his art & concepts were used in Thundarr ,it was short hopefully a series or something will come from this Pease great watch….I think I found it on Netflix

  5. My first comic which I collected. Remember reading issue 9 and telling my dad I wanted to collect it (I was 9 at the time). He helped me get the back issues. I have the entire original run (I sold or gave away most of my other comics). There is a beautiful hard bound omnibus edition of Kirby's run (1-40) available from DC. Fueled my love for Jack Kirby. Buddy Blank was a later retcon. The grandfather's relationship to Omac wasn't in the original run. In an alternative timeline Kamandi is Tommy Tomorrow (another later retcon). Folks considered the comic somewhat derivative of Planet of the Apes, but Kirby took Kamandi to amazing places – very innovative for the time. And you have Kirby's art especially the two page splashes that he perfected.

  6. Loved the comicbook version Was not aware that they had cartoons of this iconic character though ! Still got the original issues of the comicbook. Thanks for posting this YouTube, it was a blast 🙂

  7. Scalped This Long Running Native American themed series by Vertigo was considered for a Live Action TV Series that eventually got scrapped among other DC tv series

  8. Omg loved this short comic run it always reminded me of planet of the apes, Kirby was and is a F$&king genius this should be a movie, wake up DCEU there’s a goldmine here

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