7 True Horror Stories Animated (Compilation)

7 True Horror Stories Animated (Compilation)
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7 True Horror Stories Animated (Compilation)

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  1. I know it should be a horror story and don't want to be asshole, but I'm curious. In the third, the guy had previous messages on the phone threatening Stacy with a restraining order, asking her leave him alone, ect.
    Is this really the way the police handle things in America? I know the guy looks like a killer at first glance, but here in Europe, the physical evidence is stronger. (fingerprint, gunpowder on hand, previously filed abuse) Unless there are several !independent! eyewitnesses at crime. I've heard several cases of someone being fired from their job in America just because of rumors.(
    threats, abuse, etc.)
    Or when movie stars lose their jobs, also due to rumors. In this case, the company is breaking the law here. I don't really understand… You don't have to prove your innocence. It is up to the police to come up with evidence.

    PS: I liked every animation btw! 🙂

  2. What is wrong with people if somebody is beginning to threaten to frame you why don't you start recording them every single smartphone has the ability to run a sound recorder put it in your pocket turn the screen off there you go they don't know they're being recorded so when they say those things you've got evidence

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