Roblox Natural Disasters w/ FAM

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LiveStream re-upload watch me as I play a game I’ve been developing on Roblox. I got my friends to play with me!

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  1. this is not a spam in you're channel more like a suggestion
    Chicken Engineer can you atleast add some of these please it would make the game more realistic and challenging for ROBLOX DINOSAUR SIMULATOR!!!!!!
    Thunder That Hit Grown
    Snow that falls and stay in grow for a while
    this goes with snow (foot steps)
    Our Childs can have baby's when adult
    Spawn in with parent
    More Tree's And Plants
    Make Dinosaur's Bigger
    Natural Disaster's Like Tornado, Volcano Eruption,Meteor,WildFire,Plants Die Out,EarthQuake
    Falling tree's,
    FootSteps Sound When running
    we can poop
    there are females and males npc and you need a female to get eggs!

  2. Plz make it so u can buy insomuch is Rex people be
    Brag so much that they have I Rex and then they ask why do u have everything but indomunis and then the poor people like me have today it off sale I have enough dna but I can't buy here would be my suggestion add indomunis Rex or this is just add a dino could Giga prime 4000dna and 35 damage and 195 health or make some op dino like that

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