Radiohead – No Surprises

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‘No Surprises’ is taken from ‘OK Computer’ out on XL Recordings. Buy & stream it here:

Director: Grant Gee Producer: Phil Barnes Cinematography: Dan Landin Production company: Kudos (Music Video) Commissioner: Dilly Gent

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  1. To me this song feels like what's it's like to feel sad and alone as a child. All you can do I cry and hug your stuffed animal as you try to fall asleep. It feels like a lullaby that your parents never sang to you. And now listening to it when your older it heals your inner child because it makes you feel comforted. I don't really care what people say about radio head. I love their music ❤️

  2. I think the best thing I've ever seen this song used for was when Dr. House was going through Vicodin withdrawal at Mayfield. It fully encapsulates the torture he went through with his dependancy, losing people and eventually his mind. But the song for me reminds of being on the psych ward for weeks on end. I forgot who I was. I didnt know what was worse. Being so lost or being trapped to deal with my own brain. I have playlist on spotify that I havent changed since being sectioned. I listen to it constantly. It's a fixation. I dont add or remove songs. I can remember listening to it when I was eventually allowed to walk to the shop and just getting wasted every time drinking booze on the way back and cheeking my meds to take all in one go. I would throw the ones I needed and take the ones used to keep me calm. I remember not eating for 3 weeks and eventually just collapsing and the friend I made who said she was a Root but turned out to be a leaf.. It's just… It's an experience I could never fully describe.

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