Impaled by a rod, dog in agony before rescue–beautiful recovery.

Impaled by a rod, dog in agony before rescue--beautiful recovery.
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Neighbors spotted a beautiful dog laying by a rod in a construction site. When they came closer they saw to their horror that the rod had pierced through her thigh and she had impaled her. She couldn’t get free no matter how she struggled. They called Animal Aid to the rescue, and we quickly arranged for workers to come with an electric metal saw.

The terrified dog had to endure terrifying sounds of the saw against the metal, but we covered comforted her while the rod was cut and we were able to free her.

Her wound was serious but because no bones had broken, we were able to clean, bandage and protect her with antibiotics. After her ordeal, she needed extra love to find the courage she would need to heal.

And after a month of daily wound dressings and many cuddles, meet Shylee now!


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About the Author: Animal Aid Unlimited, India


  1. Your care and love for these animals restores my faith in human beings and that is why I donate every month to you and would urge others to do the same. May God bless you all

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  4. The karma is waiting fo that people that have done an extreme cruelty, congratulations to the rescue people that have helped this dog.
    I think they should have tried to get out of that stick bringing first a veterinarian so he can calm pain on the dog meanwhile they do a hard work so he can wake up with out he stick, I am glad he is all right.
    Ghandi have said you could know the level culture of any country if you observe the way they treat animals

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