Heavy Flood In Chamoli | Uttarakhand Disaster Live Video | Joshimath Area Due To Breach Of Glacier

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  1. Whether nepal or india, himalayan ranges are very sensitive. We donot know the power of Prakriti.
    It is better not to construct anything around mountain ranges ' in the disguise of development' because those who are part of any such projects are lacking divinity to sense catastrophe in future.
    Hence only our great rishis treated himalaya as grandfather because he is the father of ma parvathi.
    Its truly a divine place in whole EARTH.
    Those who can understand the divinity of that area please do avoid any construction and live it as it is.
    Let the real natural environment be like it as it is.

    Through some peoples selfish motives poor labourers, workers and villagers are suffering.

    We talk, apologize and pour crocodile tears when we hear such incidents but never correct our mistakes and take a wise decision of bringing a law which implement a stringent clause of "" no artificial construction in himalayan ranges violating the natural flow of natures water, air/wind in any way"" even if it seems a development. No no development is worth than understanding its actual relevance..

    If such cloud bursts happen regularly, one day ganga will dry up and the whole of humanity will end without water.

    So kindly understand the importance of such disasters which nature warns us instead of avoiding these and constructing more "concrete forest" like the new kedarnath.

    Instead of consturcting concrete jungle in kedarnath and badrinath a more ecofriendly hut buildings would have been consturcted therewith the resources available from that area.
    It should have been made a only a piligrim destination with such serenity, purity and austerity like how the rishis lived in himalayas for centuries.
    It would have been made as a resting place of all piligrims equally by paying an amount for resting, bathing, and refreshing rather than making it as a tourist destination.
    If all were equally treated then the sanctity of that place would have sustained till krutha yuga.

    A shed / resting area for ladies and men seperately so that even after reaching there they would have lived in the thoughts of that supreme divinity around and within themselves taking each one to supreme satisfaction and attainment.

    Our engineers contractors government officials and administrators who are part of the development lack forsight and truth when engaging in such endeavour.

    Very sad

  2. Don't ask any update to godi media and bjp leaders they will say pakistan and imran khan is involved they killed almost 150 people… vote for us we will fight with them …..

  3. अनपढ़ लोगों यह बताओ कि पानी बर्बाद कितना हुआ जल्दी से जल्दी मोदी जी को पानी का हिसाब करके बताओ

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