Marjorie Taylor Greene's testimony at hearing challenging her House candidacy

Marjorie Taylor Greene's testimony at hearing challenging her House candidacy
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U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is appealing a federal judge’s ruling allowing a challenge to her eligibility to run for reelection to proceed.

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A group of voters last month filed the challenge with the secretary of state’s office alleging that Greene helped facilitate the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol that disrupted Congress’ certification of Joe Biden’s presidential election victory. They say that violates a part of the 14th Amendment and makes her ineligible to run for reelection. Greene said the law the voters are using to challenge her eligibility is unconstitutional, and she filed a lawsuit asking a federal judge to prohibit state officials from enforcing it.

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  1. Concerning Jan 6th attempted overthrow of the government, who are the real "evil" ones? The ones who committed the attempt or the ones who fail to prosecute and convict the traitors. Failure is evil, it's similar to doing nothing.

  2. as the americans themselves say – "busted"

    if some unknown person was tweeting things that you didn't agree with from your own personal twitter account, wouldn't you be publicly raising objections about that at the time? you'd need a lawyer more than a year later to tell you and only then would you become aware of it?

    either the judge won't buy this or the law on still serving after instigating an insurrection must be really lax.

  3. Clearly not a smart nor honest person. Not a chance she's read ANY of the Constitution. And loyalty to the Grabber-in-Chief is not loyalty to the Republic.

  4. What you see in court with MTG is freedom of speech without person taking any responsibility for the things they’ve said. So she is being held accountable by the legal system and now she apparently has amnesia. Smh.

    No one like her is fit to serve any public office (Democrat or Republican) when you can go to court, swear under oath to tell the truth, then make a mockery of the court system by lying (which is what she is doing when she says “I don’t recall” when these are things she said as early as a few months ago.

    Yet somehow in her public speeches, she has a perfect memory of the alleged fraud that happened in the 2020 election and everything the Dems did during Trumps 4 years in office.

    This woman is an absolute disgrace to the office she holds and the district she fails to represent.

  5. Not sure why this is such a fuss. She is new to Congress and appears to carrying herself well. If we did this type of acquisition to those career and corrupt fossils that are breaking laws, then we would be getting some where.

  6. So she says Biden has dementia and calls him sleepy Joe and questions how cognizant he is to do his job, but she can't remember anything? Liar, hypocrite.

  7. I love the GARBAGE opening defense "this should not be a political trial! … democracy is at stake! This trial will disqualify the will of the voters" 🤣🤣🤣 it's like he knew how stupid it all was. Didn't even try to defend her just flailed around saying "this is unfair you shouldn't get to decide this!"

  8. NO politician in your country should be allowed to speak ANYWHERE unless they are hooked up to a polygraph with live results! Maybe that should open your silly nation's eyes once and for all!

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