3 Lockdown Horror Stories Animated (Compilation of April 2022)

3 Lockdown Horror Stories Animated (Compilation of April 2022)
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3 Disturbing Lockdown Horror Stories
The Author of these stories, J.G. Martin, just came out with a new book titled Crooked Antlers. Check it out here: https://amzn.to/3JTjSPl

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Story 1: The tall things are watching… – 00:00:03
Story 2: Headlights – 00:16:39
Story 3: The Dead World – 00:33:39

* * *

VIDEO DISCLAIMER: This video is for entertainment purposes only, and is intended for mature audiences (18 years or older). Parental guidance is strongly advised.

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  1. If you enjoyed these stories, check out J.G. Martin's new book "Crooked Antlers" on Amazon. He wrote these 3 stories and many others for the channel. He put a lot of work into his new book and the stories within it are truly terrifying. I thought I was desensitized to horror stories until I read his book. You can find it here: https://amzn.to/3JTjSPl

  2. The pool of water I have two there is about it at the end of story one either the monsters were already at the town and that’s why it looks like a blood or they just look like blood for some reason and he just entered an alternate universe since he said it hasn’t rained in weeks so he probably just went into a different universe

  3. Okay….. the stories are good….. but let’s get real, “if” the world were to end in nuclear explosions….
    1. If you are close enough to see the mushroom cloud, you won’t survive.
    2. If you happen to survive in a bunker, it takes way more then a week for the radiation to go away.

  4. I LOVEEE WATCHING THESE HORROR STORIESS !!🤍🤍 KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DR.NOSLEEP !!. I also subscribed and turned on the notification bell so I can stay tunned on when u post a new video 🥰❤️.!

  5. hello! i am one of your spotify listeners , i love your podcast and the new crime hub podcast its really interesting! i love your voice and the way you tell the stories, i just wish the animation on the youtube channel was a little better so it could match the story telling

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