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Dinosaurs used to rule Earth, until a fateful day 66 million years ago when disaster struck…

Dinosaur Apocalypse reveals the last day of the dinosaurs in astonishing detail, with new evidence discovered about the day an asteroid devastated our planet.

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  1. The fossil records show dinosaur's were already dieing out. Possibly due to a virus unequically deadly to most dinosaurs. The comet was just the last event to push dinosaurs to the end

  2. Soot from the fire combined with dust from the impact blocked the Sun's rays the earth was deprived of sunlight for about a year, this greatly affected the climate, in the end some of the plants that managed to survive the impact also died

  3. I feel like this is still not a scientifically accurate depiction of what the impact would have looked like and over what timescales- it happens too quick, visuals are rather lacking. still work to be done to fully capture this.

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