Hood Fight FPV – BTS & Vlog

Hood Fight FPV - BTS & Vlog
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Mission today was to provide drone B roll footage for the intro and in between shoots. Fun to do, nice and good organization.

The first person who showed up also won the match. Well after me because I had to prepare as well. See what I do behind the scene before I have to shoot something.

No crazy stunts or risk, just loosing up the thumbs and warming up the sticks.

Should I vlog more? I’ll try to keep the yap yap at the minimum and sending it maximum.


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  1. Nice flying good man nice flying. You know what I hate…my last pack I did my first real LOS flight. Out of a few minutes I had it in the air most of the time…did a loop…did a double roll……man I was on point…then when I get home I realized I turned my freaking goggles off before I ddi that…Damn!

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