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  1. Not only did the babies mom not care about her safety but the other woman also ignored the welfare of the baby. Both of them belong in prison and neither should be allowed to have more children.

  2. To be honest I seen most comments about the mother being the one in charged and not the other one, there both dumb Karen’s who couldn’t think. Why would the woman hit another woman with a baby?

  3. If u are not capable of de-escalating a situation and walking away while with ur children then u shouldnt heave children. In a wierd way it's kind of a blessing in disguise because that kid didnt stand a chance anyways it was probably going to grow up to be nothing just like the rest of those animals. Especially with a mother like that that kid didnt stand a chance like most of them dont. That culture should not be allowed to procreate cuz they are just putting more criminals on the streets. Each blk person that is born is just a future target for another one.

  4. The baby is safe now, in the arms of Jesus. He was saved from a life of misery–poverty, crime, drugs, child abuse/neglect, and MORE violence. After all, violence then neglect ended this innocent's life!

  5. How dumb must you be to be asking for fights while holding a brand new baby like that? Then waiting a whole day before going to a hospital?? This way beyond irresponsible, you literally killed a child to get a few swings in…

  6. I can't imagine the pain that baby suffered all day all night and the mom did nothing but casually strut herself into the hospital the next day, only for the injuries to be so severe the baby died. That baby suffered a slow painful end.

  7. Both women should've been charged murder & attempted murder. The other mom threw the first punch knowing there was a baby, that should be attempted murder. The mom literally killed her baby. No respect for life.

  8. second woman hit first and knowing she was holding a baby she should be charged no way she shouldn't be charged her hit went from a dispute to a physical altercation

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