Top 10 Ghosts Caught On Camera Scary Videos You Shouldn't Watch Alone

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Top 10 Ghosts Caught On Camera Scary Videos You Shouldn’t Watch Alone
There’s a lot of creepy videos on the internet these days with so many photos been taken & so many videos been recorded. It’s no wonder there’s videos ghosts & other scary creature run around. And there are a lot of ghost hunters know we’re always running their cameras in a night vision trying to pick up the evidence of the supernatural. Some of these videos can be called a hoax & some of them are truly unexplainable. Some ghost videos are even scary, but some ghost videos are very creepy. Here are Top 10 Ghosts Caught On Camera? Scary Videos You Shouldn’t Watch Alone
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0:00 Introduction
0:44 Shadows Caught In The Room
2:03 Paranormal Activity Caught In Kitchen
3:25 Ghost Shadow Caught On A Road
6:28 Paranormal Activity Sighting
7:29 Poltergeist Activity At Home
8:38 Paranormal Activity On Table


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  1. Gosh this is so scarryy!! I didn't watch this alone.. Because there's a birthday kid in this house mah sista! And omg..Im first

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