10 Extinct Animals That May STILL BE ALIVE

10 Extinct Animals That May STILL BE ALIVE
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10 Extinct Animals That May Still Be Alive
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Animals animals animals! There are lots of animals, big ones, grey ones, stupid ones, but some are so stupid they went extinct! However, were only playing dead and are still around! Perhaps it was all part of their grand strategy? These are 10 Extinct Animals That are Still Alive!

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10. Ceolacanth
9. Terror Skink
8. Nelson’s Small-Eared Shrew
7. Javan Elephant
6. South Island Takahe
5. Huila Stubfoot Toad
4. Kunimasu
3. Ivory BIlled Woodpecker
2. Spix’s Macaw
1. Omura’s Whale

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  1. I am not going to watch this crap. I just clicked to write this,,,your title is a contradiction and you are a twat.

  2. 0:22
    10: Coelacanth
    Me: I think I saw one at Shedd Aquarium
    09: Terror Skink
    Me: Why show toys? Show us what the creature looks like without toys
    08: Nelson’s Small-Eared Shrew
    Me: I wonder how they hear
    07: Javan Elephant
    Me: A happy accident
    06: South Island Takahe
    Me: Is it flightless?
    05: Huila Stubfoot Toad
    Me: Colorful guys
    04: Kunimansu
    Me: So, the size of a ruler.
    03: Ivory Woodpecker
    Me: My dad’s been looking for those
    02: Spix’s Macaw
    Me: Sadly, those are extinct now.
    01: Omura’s Whale
    Me: A small species of whale?

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