The smartest kitten in the world crawled into a brand new Jaguar! 🐆

The smartest kitten in the world crawled into a brand new Jaguar! 🐆
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It is quite incredible how a kitten who was born just a few weeks ago can be so smart! When we got the text about him on the #HopeForPaws line, Loreta Frankoynte and I headed out, and with the amazing team at Galpin Jaguar, we were able to save this little guy.

It is so cool to see how #Jaguar who was never handled by a human and gave us a hard time rescuing him, made a total switch once we had him (even though I had to pull him by the tail) and became such a loving kitten.

I really hope you will watch until the end to see how cute he is with me ❤️

If you would like to adopt him, please contact our friends at #Room8:

If you have a full house and can’t adopt another cat, please join us today with a small donation and help us save more lives. It is kitten season, and my whole team is now out on rescues. Caring for them takes time, we want to share happy endings, but so many of the babies are so small and we’re waiting for them to grow so we can share cute videos. If you can, please sign up today for a $5 recurring donation here:

Thank you so much for your support and thank you so much #GalpinJaguar in Van Nuys, California for your willingness to do whatever it takes to save a life!!!



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  1. It's already over 100 degrees in CA??? I hate to see how the summer will be 🌞🔥 I hope all the animals stay safe 🙏 💙 ❤

  2. Such an adorable kitten. Wow, this was a much different rescue than some of your rescues and you got help from a mechanic. It is scary that your temperatures are already at 101 degrees F. Or, was it filmed at a different of year? For how terrified this kitten was; it was great to see him settle into human contact pretty quickly.

  3. There's SO MUCH much to love about kitty angels. Their eyes & whiskers & each beautiful face. But OH their adorable little paws overwhelm my heart. I EASILY fall in love with EVERY kitty. And it always begins with their paws.💕X🥰O💕X🥰O💕X🥰O💕

  4. Молодцы ребята, уважение к вам и вашим делам!!!!

  5. He is so smart and he really didn't fight the love and affection after he was caught either. Glad that you were able to save him. Have a great day

  6. I would adopt jaguar in a heartbeat but I live in the UK and I also lost my little beauty a ginger and white cat G. W last week we took him in because he was homeless and he filled our home and hearts with so much love…

  7. Good job,i hope he got a forever home quickly…
    I've made two small donations before, and will do so again, best of luck from Andalucia Spain. I'll make it in memory of our poor little Bertie who had to cross the bridge last month, our youngest couldn't be helped (tumour) so we did the last act of love for him, we're down to 3 rescues now and will probably adopt a new fur baby soon as we find a very young one who needs help ( less than 2 weeks) as they integrate more easily with the older ones we have.

  8. It's the humanity, love, laughter and hard work that you all do that keeps me with Hope for Paws. I'll bet the talk at the Jaguar dealership will be about "Jaguar" for some time to come! Thks to all of you!

  9. What a cutie 😁
    If I was the owner of the dealership, I would of adopted Jaguar and let him live onsite as the dealership mascot. 😸
    It would be a great PR story and a lift for the employees and customers. He would be treated like a King by everyone!
    Jaguar the Cat at a Jaguar dealership! It's a win, win! 😁

  10. Smart kitty to pick a high end dealership, and lucky for you guys because the showroom was quite spacious. I didn't know the bottom of a Jag was armored up like a tank. So glad that the mechanic was willing to help and the staff cared about the kitten. Little Jag warmed up to humans quick and seems like a sweet boy; no doubt he'll find a good home quickly.

  11. Lol! Well if you're gonna dream, dream big! It's also a helluva bogo deal at that dealership! What better place to find a forever home, then when somebody is in a euphoric mood to purchase a new car! I think the dealership should of made Jag the sales floor mascot…

  12. I hope they offered you a small donation for,going out in 101 dF for the rescue. I mean, they are also a dealership for some very expensive brands (and this video is good free advertising)!

  13. He will make a great pet. He's a tabby, and tabbies have the reputation of being affectionate. Also, he's a talker. And who can resist that adorable pink nose? (I wish Eldad would curb his tendency to get over-excited and yell. That must terrify the animals. )

  14. 😳😞🥺👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌❤💕😊

  15. That's not smart for a kitten when a cat knows how to ring the bell amd when that doesn't work to get their owners attention the cat sits on the outside window sill that is smart or how about teaching her kittens how to cross the road that is smart but climbing into a engine of a car is not smart its like for a kitten to climb into a dryer hoping someone will see the kitten

  16. 🎵"Yellow buttercup / Helicopter / Orange butter-cat / chasing after / the cray-zee bee mad about somebod-ee/Oh noO"🎵
    ~Summertime Rolls by Jane's Addiction
    I have an "orange butter-cat." I think of that song a lot!

  17. he is absolutely beautiful, adorable, cute 🥰🥰!! I love him and his name😍😜! it looks like my son's cat named Snoopy 😊!! thank you for saving him and sharing the video 👍! it's not every day that you rescue a kitten in a dealership like Jaguar 😅! continue your great job 👏! A+ 😋

  18. What a smart kitten 🐱😍💖and good taste of cars, too 👍 Most of all, she (he?) is so sweet… unlike many other feral cats, she let you hold her, pet her, and she even took whatever you gave her licking directly from your finger 💖 Then her very first play !! So adorable 🥰 I’m pretty sure she will find her own forever home in no time… ❤️❤️❤️ I would love to welcome her home right away, if my husband wasn’t cat-hair allergy… or maybe I can trade him for her 🤣🤣🤣

    As always, thank you for rescuing this beautiful sweet kitty 🙏 She is absolutely precious and lucky rescued by HFP. I would love to see how she’s doing as an update if all is possible 🙏🙏🙏🥰🥰🥰💖💖💖

  19. süße kleine Maus ♥️🙏♥️🍀💝👋🏼🙋🏼‍♂️ Bernd Frankenland🇩🇪

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