Ultimate Guard Dog Weighs 200lbs | TRULY

Ultimate Guard Dog Weighs 200lbs | TRULY
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A DOG breeder from California claims to have resurrected a breed of giant guard dogs, weighing 200lbs. Marcus Curtis, 45, of Riverside, is the proud owner of a 212-pound monster ‘American Molossus’ dog named ‘Old World Sasquatch’. The 18-month-old beast is the result of Marcus’ mission to bring back what he calls the ‘Old World Molossus’ breed; dogs which are said to have guarded the leaders of the ancient world around 5000BC. Marcus told Barcroft Studios: “When people see Sasquatch, jaws drop. People are in shock and amazement when they see these giant beasts.” Marcus now sells ‘American Molossus puppies’ for five thousand dollars, but there’s a long waiting list for one of the rare pups.

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  1. Resurrect is such a strong for for anyone. You are not a god. So no you just started to breed a dog who hasn't been heard from in a while. I can pictire him and the girl practising how many times and when they will use the word " resurrect"😂😂😂😂

  2. seems to me just a FAT PRESA CANARIO….the owner should exercise them more and feed them less. American molossus should be called FATUS MOLOSSUS.
    The original breeds are CANE CORSO, BULLMASTIFF, NAPOLITAN MASTIFF and the PERFECT BREED from these is THE PRESA CANARIO…and they only cost 1000 USD not 5G´s.

  3. This guy reminds me of an autistic child bringing his favorite item to get applauded by people. This oversize Neapolitan Mastiff has some serous health concerns. I'd bet his max term of life is less than 6-7 years.

  4. Sweet potato and chicken, this dog is not a bodybuilder lol. Claims this dog is unmatched in strenght and the ultimate guard dog, didn't see any of that nor do I believe that. Just a home breeder who wants to make a quick buck.

  5. Best protection is what you cannot see or hear or smell don’t have to feed and clean after.a dog that obese might serve as an intimidation but the real criminal or anyone determined will find a way to mess with it.

  6. Stop destroying breeds. No such thing as an American version, thats just a fat stereotype dog too lazy to guard anything. You breed and advertise for money only.

  7. The female is just fat and out of shape. She looks like a sea lion. The stomach should pull up at the hind legs and show a type of waist line. This fat over weight does not equal desired looks, just means earlier death. These dogs already have a shorter life span due to their size. Not to mention the stress you put on their joints.
    These are the type of owners that want these large breed dogs just for the attention they bring with owning them.

  8. The molossus is extinct. Nothing is going to bring it back despite this guy's claims. These are nothing more than designer dogs for deluded people.

  9. Soooo…is he actually training the dogs in protection to see if there temperments are right for the task or if their physicality is up to par? cause those things look like they couldn't scoff down an ice cream without overheating

  10. He wanted to resurrect the bred? Then he should have built a time machine instead of breeding this obese Frankenstein into existence.

  11. You can tell when dogs are just overweight there's no fooling anyone they overfeed these dogs for show. I had big dogs all my life and they have never looked like that. Always kept them fit and healthy where u can see all their muscle lines, their weight vary over bone mass and height these dogs bodies aren't suppose to hold so much weight that's why they suffer from so much joint problems.

  12. Great, more oversized American dogs. Getting really tired of seeing dumb American backyard breeders taking beautiful European breeds like Cane Corso, Neapolitan mastiff, Presa Canario, English Staffordshire and making them 50+ pounds heavier and totally non-functional, just to sit around and say "Look at meeeee! I got tha biggest dawggggg!"

    The dogs in this look like they'd struggle to get up a flight of stairs or maintain a jog for even 5 minutes. Guard dog? Hahahahahaha, only if the burglar is in a wheelchair. Move at a fast walk and you'll vastly outrun these morbidly obese Hounds of Diabetesville.

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