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  1. 0:40 oh i felt this one, thankfully i didnt have to go but they did say that if theres a war that involves finland i will be recruited. Problem is i dont want anything to do with guns or anything like that irl and now they are having talks about making it so women have to go too but its going to be far easier for them to not go

  2. Nobody:
    Jake carrying a fricking orange in his pocket to the airport: “This is what humans do correct? Hey, Mark, mr. Zuckerberg? Yeah, I loved your bbq sauce idea, just a quick question, is an orange also a human thing? Yeah? Ok.”

  3. 2:22 Well… She is technically right since he's thinking about the queen and the queen is a woman… A few cameos of Technically the Truth in this meme video.

  4. “Disney villains, then and now. Now; Old Grandmas. Then; literally Satan…”
    Jake, “Maybe one day they’ll combine them…”
    Me, 🤨 “Dude! Where do you think karens come from?!?”

  5. Dunno if this is sort of a hidden joke or a little mistake in the setup, but "we will be measuring objects" followed by "girls: I wonder how tall I am." is funnier than the picture. 😀

  6. 6:29 i literally only ordered 2 drumsticks once and instead i got a burger

    i enjoyed it but still i wanted my chicken i guess i was grumpy satisfied
    (theres no punch line this isnt a joke)

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