Looks like she is from a home . A dog from a home must never go to a shelter- Takis Shelter

Looks like she is from a home . A dog from a home must never go to a shelter- Takis Shelter
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No chain. No cage. No kill. – Takis Shelter

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  1. I'm glad you said as all lost dogs are not abandoned ,some have real lovng homes and somehow have gotten lost.you know dogs love their owners deeply and become heartbroken if lost from their mum's or dads.goodluck ,have a lovely day.😄

  2. So, any updates, since she has a microchip? Has Takis been able to track down her people, via her microchip? I see today (on FB) that she is still at the shelter, mixing with the other dogs 🤗 and having a good time … Any news?

  3. Hope poor Ganzea got back to sleep. I hope this dog was lost & not abandoned. I mean who is stupid enough to abandon a chipped Animal???🤷 Knowing that's how cops will track you to charge you??🤦
    My Dobby 🐈 is chipped & god help you if you try to steal him from me, lol!!
    So if her hoomans feel like me, they will contact Taki right away . And thank him for keeping her safe for them.
    Taki is so right, selfish excuses for dumping Animals, like being pregnant. I had FOUR kids by 25 and they ALL grew up helping me take in strays, helping wild & domestic babies. That's how l ended up with teenagers, 18 cats, 3 dogs & an Iguana!👍🏻 Best years ever.💕
    That's why Taki will never change what he does, l get that, saving even one Animal has rewards that can only be felt by the heart.
    He is frustrated & tired….100's of various Animals, more always coming in, unceasing abandonments and torture victims, perfect recipe for burn-out. But every Animal he saves gives him the strength to rescue the next. Always riding the line between loving what he does because he loves Animals and hating it because the need is far greater than it should ever be anywhere!!
    He is 100% spot on when he says "Not everyone can do what we do." Truer words. If just anyone could do it, OR WOULD, more importantly, then there would be Taki's all over the world.
    If you can't be a Taki, we can at least try to be helpers in even the smallest ways.👍🏻. 🐾🌈🇨🇦☮️

  4. I know it's better to keep your pet at home. But people die and their relatives want to do the best by the animal and NOT abandon it on the street. In the USA we bring them to the shelter out of kindness. Not ignorance. Or maybe you prefer we hang them like some people do. At least at the dump there is food. And bedding. You have to see WHY people do the things they do then it's easier to change them. Some people in the US tie their dogs to a tree when they abandon them. The dog starves but won't get hit by a car. See? It's got a better rationale than you might think. Still pretty awful. I'll bet the story of this dog is better than you think. I'm thinking it's owner died and their landlord didn't know what else to do. It shows respect for what you do.

  5. Ανήκει σε κάποιους οι οποίοι το εγκατέλειψαν έξω από το shelter!!! Tυχαίο; Δεν νομίζω!!! Δεν βάζουν μυαλό οι κρητικοί, αμετανόητοι!!!

  6. Sie scheint überfordert und ängstlich zu sein❗ Hoffentlich kommt sie zur Ruhe und kann schlafen❗🙏🐕💞


  8. She is well fed, not young, she must have been well cared for and probably loved once. She didn't escape her home in my opinion. Most likely something happenned in her life and she was dumped.

  9. I feel so sad for this dog. She doesn't understand what's going on. If her owners dumped her . SHAME ON THEM..
    For being so Cruel. What about Takis he doesn't know were to put her . I know he won't leave her until he knows she's ok.

  10. My guess is she was dumped there purposely. That's a downright shame. Thank you Takis for taking her into your shelter. God bless you, your team and all of our animals.

  11. Can't believe her family would take such good care of her & then dump her…maybe she just got outside of a fence. She certainly hasn't missed any meals🤣

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