The Most Deadliest Natural Disasters That Can Happen Any Moment!

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The Most Deadliest Natural Disasters That Can Happen Any Moment!
Although many natural disasters can be forecasted before they happen, many hit the world by surprise and leave countless people injured or dead, damaging properties worth billions of dollars. They also create a huge after-effect of a humanitarian crisis that can be felt for many years.
Natural disasters can impact a sub-region like Hurricane Katrina that affected New Orleans or the whole world like the meteorite impact that struck the earth over 66 million years ago. That colossal event wiped out entire species, literally resetting the earth as we know it.
This makes you wonder what else mother nature has in store for us and how close they are. So in this video, will outline eight of the most devastating natural disasters that experts are expecting to hit the world.

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  1. I think that we should leave the Amazon alone because it appears to have managed very well for millennia with the people who live there.

  2. Latest NOAA information states that the Earth will experience a 2 degree Celsius drop in mean planetary temperature over the next 100 years. Temperatures have been falling since 1998.
    If NOAA is right global warming will be just a Climate scientists wet dream and result in extreme embarrassment for various politicians eg Bozo Johnson with his plan for UK net zero Carbon Dioxide emissions.

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