A poor dog severed scared to people so he try to dig a hole and hide in the corner

A poor dog severed scared to people so he try to dig a hole and hide in the corner
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A poor dog severed scared to people so he try to dig a hole and hide in the corner

We found him at the Praca Asylum Shelter, in a very traumatized state!
He’s alway trying to get away from the human, he even tries to dig himself a hole to hide in!
We think that he was terrified many times before so he’s so scared to people..
Why heartless people did terrible thing to this beutiful soul?
How long this poor live in dark, scared andsuffered from terrible people?

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Thanks rescuer: Fahrudin Caki Bravo
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  2. Thank you for saving him! But maybe a pile of cloth/blankets to burrow in. Dogs burrow. Also wrapping him in a blanket and laying with him showing him nothing but pets and love. I have rescued many animals. You really need to show them that you are there for them. In Africa the country, many rescued babies sleep with a guardian to replace their mother this helps them greatly. I have taken my cue from them. My heart physically breaks for this poor dog.

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  5. 可愛そうに😢。どんなに酷い目に合わされたのか?この子の様子は犬ではないよね。最後にやっと犬に戻れて戻してくれてありがとう❗

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