No Grain in Gatlinburg? Sate of Emergency! Buy Local~Price Switches & More!

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Happy Easter! He is risen! What are some of the latest happenings & what are YOU seeing?
See ya on the farm & thanks for watching! 😊
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  1. I can't speak for the entire state, but I live in North Georgia and all the stores I go to are fully stocked, I haven't had trouble finding anything. We of course never really know what is going on behind closed doors, but I would guess the "State of Emergency" is political.

  2. I am in Georgia and my husband drives truck (although no longer in supply chain type hauling) I had not heard this but just looked it up and having hubby reach out to other drivers. As for supply issues, it really has been about the same for the last year, I have been seeing a few reports of stations jacking fuel prices, particularly if they are the only one available to semi traffic, but none of my local ones have.

  3. Living in rural Mississippi 12 years ago, we suffered with dial-up. Had to drive 20 minutes just to get cell phone service. Country living is great, but does have its drawbacks.

  4. You've inspired me to start working towards being more self reliant. We got chicks this year for the first time ever. Really appreciated your video on pasty butt. Thank you!

  5. Monkey Werx is a good one. X22 report is too. There is alot going on right now. Alot of folks going to be in shock!! Thanks Patera! He has risen indeed!

  6. Sorry to bother you again. Monkey Werk has been showing thousands of cargo ships sitting in ports of China not moving. He said the impact will hit us in 2 months of shelves to start being bare. That would be about June.

  7. June too I head there was going to limits on driving. The global agenda wants to even do odd and even days to drive to cities and no Sunday driving… Humm… I'm stocked up on flour, sugar and eggs. along with the 10 cases of tuna fish for my cats. 😁🐈😸😸I also found 30 lb bags of dry cat food which I have never seen here, I bought that too.

  8. I'm 35 miles northwest of Houston. Our local grocery chain didn't experience too much in the way of shortages until a couple of months ago. Frozen foods have been hit or miss for a while and now a lot of things are just gone. Other than burger, I haven't been able to buy beef for months. I refuse to pay the price for a steak or a chuck roast. Glad I canned a ton of roast last year. One of the biggest shortage categories for us is pet food, wet and dry. Most of the time the shelves are bare in both grocery and pet stores. I've tried long term storage for dry dog food in the past, but it just goes rancid in a few months. Anyone have any ideas for even a year's storage? Recipes to make my own kibble? I'm open for ideas.

  9. I have seen my feed for chickens and hogs go up 3 times in the last weeks. First time 27 cents per bag then 39 cents today was 50 cent per bag .

  10. One point of issue…. standing up for yourself, and calmly stating facts (like the price on the shelf is…) is NOT being rude, no matter what others think… I NEVER back down on what is right or the truth, no matter who I am talking to… or why. I have been told many times I am being rude, I am VERY CAPABLE of being super rude, downright full-blown azzhole, I assure you (talking to person who said I was being rude to them for speaking the truth) I havent even begun to be "rude" if you consider what I just said was rude, lol

  11. Went to Ace Hardware to pick up a Presto 23 quart canned listed around $119 online. Noticed the store wasn’t right so I changed my location on the website before I made a trip. The price jumped $25 and then when we went to the store the sticker also said $109. Rang up $154!! The store honored the sticker price, but cannot believe the price gauging in OK!

  12. The declaration of emergency in a Georgia, lifts restrictions of how long a truck driver can operate his rig in a 24 hour period. Also the age of CDL drivers has been lowered from 21 to 18.

  13. I'm glad that I bought a 50 lbs. bag of flour, several months back, when I did. Maybe later wish I had gotten 2? I do have buckets of wheat berries and a hand cranked mill, though.

  14. For 2 years now I have bought packaged tomatoes at Sam's Club. They are on the vine in a clear plastic container. I bring them home and leave them in the "sun room" -there's no sun, it's just an old house with a covered enclosed patio. Anyway after a few weeks out there the seeds germinate and when I cut the tomatoes open they are full of very healthy sprouts!
    Last year I just threw them out in the yard where they grew into plants that gave me lots of beautiful tomatoes! This year I have separated the sprouts and put them in planters. They have grown nicely while we are waiting for the last frost.
    I don't watch tv either!
    I find so much more real news and information in comment sections than on any ol television!

  15. The problem with wheat is it 50% of the worlds grains comes from Russia and Ukraine. Russia last year stopped shipping any food out of their country probably preparing for the war. So there is a world shortage of grains

  16. Here in Washington state, my fifty pound bag of whole corn for my critters went up to 16 dollars and some change. Just a couple years ago I paid 11 something for it!
    At our discount store five dozen eggs went from $7.99 to $15.79! Thank goodness I found them cheaper at the regular store or else we wouldn't be eating them. Haha. Also shelves at both grocery and feed stores are looking empty again.

  17. The supply chain problem are really bad now because the whole system is based on "just in time" now. Ideally, when you take the last can of beans off the grocery shelf, a stock person should be putting more on the shelf. When the wholesaler sends out the last case of beans, a truck from the manufacturer ideally would be arriving at the same time. Anything now can throw a kink in the works and mess it all up. Certain actions higher up are causing all of this.

  18. In a college law class, I was taught that a price tag or shelf tag is an "advertisement for an offer." That means you can offer that amount of money for a product, but the store isn't legally required to sell at that price. Now it's not good business practice to actually do that, but I have seen it done. I picked up a mandarin orange soft drink in a Winn-Dixie years ago. The register rang up a higher price than the shelf price. They would not take less, so I walked out without buying. They went out of business soon after. So the store can legally charge anything they want, whether it's the shelf price or not, but it's not a good business practice.

  19. Went to my local high school plant sale. It was already very picked through with almost no veggies left, but I got a tomato container for $1 that had 3 tomato plants in it and I was able to separate all of them just fine.

  20. Hi Patara. I live with my kids now. I have lived in my van for the last 5 years. After moving in, we talked about getting their garden going. Then, they have decided to move. MY SERIOUS QUESTION IS: if I can stuff here, while they look for a new place, is it safe to transport the canned items? They say just wait until we get to a new place to prep. I told them it will be too late then. We need to prep now! Am I on track with that? I think so. Someone let me know. I'm going alittle cray cray with this.

  21. Please watch the documentary: WATCH THE WATER Its on Rumble under Stew Peters. Maybe be the most connecting the dots you may ever watched. I think everyone should have the opportunity to know that info.

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