NATURAL DISASTERS Daily Update 14.04.2022

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14 – 04 – 2022

– 🇮🇳 #india : heavy rain causes flash flooding in Karnataka, Bangalore. India
– 🇸🇴 #somalia : Massive dust storm hit Doolow, Somalia
– 🇲🇽 #mexico : Forest fire rages near El Diamante, Coahuila, Mexico
– 🇨🇦 #canada : Rare springtime blizzard wallops parts of Canada
– 🇭🇳 #honduras : Forest fire rages Near Triquilapa, Honduras
– 🇺🇲 #USA : The blizzard in Bismarck North Dakota reaches a third day
– 🇬🇹 #guatemala : Forest fire breaks out near San Pedro Guatemala

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  1. I know what time will be no more disasters (all) then after all people in the world convert to Jesus Christ not to allah because Jesus Christ don't like allah and killing and all bad things so all people in the world convert to Jesus Christ, pray to God who is in heaven in Jesus name and repent to Jesus Christ AMEN

  2. Jesus spoke of these words:

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    ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭24:3, 5-8‬ ‭ESV‬

    Tomorrow is not promised

    But i know who holds tomorrow, His name is Jesus, and He is the only way, the truth and the Life. Come to Jesus and be saved today. Today you are alive but tomorrow is not promised but Jesus alone can give you an everlasting security of your soul. The bible clearly speaks: about the heaven and hell. If you were to die today, do you know where your soul is going?

    Gospel Of Jesus Christ.

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  3. Welcome to the END TIMES climate change. These are just the birthing pains.

    As the Temperature rises due to increased Electromagnetic energy coming from the Sun as our solar system eclipses our galaxies double torus magnet plane so to does the ALTITUDE at which the DEW POINT occurs rises causing drought at lower altitudes and flash floods at high altitudes with Talen sized Hail to come.

    You won't survive the END TIMES due to eclipsing hte galaxies double torus magnetic plane as an individual or even as a tribe.

    It has to be done as a people/race.

    END TIMES plan.

    CARNAC stones WALL to divert Noah's East to West Tidal waves to come.

    ZNAMYA solar sail laser spotlight satellites to Geo-Engineer and Garden of Eden.

    Ezekiel Musk VTVL rockets ARC's

    Musk Boring Company underground cities to shelter from Talen sized Hail, EMP pillars of fire/lightning brimstone/Sulfur.

    Get people back onto the land release Crown land. Meek hunter gatherers homesteaders shall inherit the earth after the Great Year Precession cycle causes the END TIMES.


    Praise Jesus because he UNITES us ALL & UNITED the Brood of Vipers can't Divide & Conquer humanity along race, creed, class & religion.

    Grade 5 science could debunk CO2 caused climate change. Temp Em energy is rising first & CO2 follows as the frozen CO2 in the Arctic thaws due to increased EM energy from eclipsing the galactic plane for the next millennia.

    Covid Vax is depopulation FINAL SOLUTION before eclipsing the galactic plane resets the planet.

  4. ALLAHU AKBAR SUBHANALLAH. There is none worthy of worship except Allah the one alone without partner and Muhammad is his Servant and messenger prophet of Allah May peace and blessings be upon prophet Muhammad Salla Allahu aleyhi wa Salam. Jesus he is not God. Jesus he is prophet of Allah May peace and blessings be upon Jesus prophet of Allah. If you want to know more about your creator almighty Allah Read the Quran. Allah tells us in the Quran indeed we have made the Quran easy to understand and to remember. Say it. Believe it. Trust in Allah the Quran will be made easy for you.

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