TRUE Scary Kidnapping Horror Story Animated

TRUE Scary Kidnapping Horror Story Animated
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this is a scary & creepy & horror animation

Animated by SUN

Narrated by Lets Read!

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  1. So even though Jay was laughing about ruining Angel's life they still won't give him the proper punishment he deserves ? Why ? That should be enough evidence that he did do more then just keep her in the Van. I hate the fucking Justice System.

  2. What i got from the story was a miserable white knight getting mad that he won't be able to get her since she's basically dead also i think the reason why it was hard for her to break up with him was cause he's a chad that most woman desire aka top 20% of men im not surprised he got a light sentence after all hes a chad ofc he won't more then 10 years if it was a 5'6 balding indian janitor he be getting 30 years

  3. Sadly I know how evil that someone must be. It happened 5 years ago. I was supposed to go with my cousin and well….THIS PIECE OF SHIT to the disco but I was too tired after long day if work and college. Next day…police knocked on our door saying how sorry they are and that…Agnes's is dead. I couldn't believe it, how, when, why, what happened?!? That piece of shit killed her, took large rock and hit her on the head, then carried to the river and drowned her in it. She was still alive…was terrified of water…he sent sms to his friend writing that she's damn heavy. He laughed…LAUGHED in the coart

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