SCREAM (2022) | First Time Watching | Movie Reaction | BUT I REALLY LOVE DEWEY!

SCREAM (2022) | First Time Watching | Movie Reaction | BUT I REALLY LOVE DEWEY!
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You’ve been asking for it! Here it is! The Mrs. watches Scream (2022). Here’s her reaction to her first time watching.

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  1. The next one – either Gail is the next Ghostface , because of her anger and grief.
    OR- there are a bunch of different killers, all using the Ghostface as a cover to even scores. Like literally everyone is a killer , and kills at least 1 other person.

  2. I noticed you guys didn’t notice when Richie was watching that YouTube video about Stab eight on the side of that video was Kirby knowing that she’s alive and that she didn’t die in part four.

  3. I loooved this movie!! Grew up w/ the movies #Real90sKid …… Loooove that the legacy characters including Randy Meeks sister came back & I also loved the two sister characters

    This MAY BE CONTROVERSIAL…but I did think that the teenage friend group were super annoying as characters???

  4. i agree with making more screams without syd and gale … i would hate to see them both be killed off when they’re ( especially syd ) are like the og’s

  5. One thing not ever mentioned is that almost all ghostface have like a signature in how they kill. I.e Stu doubled handed final stab,Amber multi stab,Richie loves being close watching the life drain. Love the detail to make them individual.

  6. Great video

    The way your husband was silent whenever you asked if x was the killer, kudos.

    Gale has been confirmed for scream 6.

  7. Literally screamed "THANK YOU" at my phone when you said u didn't want Sidney and Gale to come back in future movies cuz you want them to have thier happy ending. I agree with that 1000%

  8. I enjoyed his one, although I thought the killers were predictable this time. I knew it was Amber right away, and Richie halfway through. The beginning was great-the best suspenseful scene. Didn't like seeing Dewey die, but he did make a stupid mistake by going back. I liked this one and will watch it again. 7/10

  9. At least with this video I realize that there are still people with their own thoughts and they don't follow what everyone thinks, for me everything was going well in the movie, until I saw Dewey's death. I really don't understand that mania of today's directors playing the classic, BE ORIGINAL, even once.

    great video, cheers ✌

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