Tornados vs. Earthquakes – Jo Koy

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Jo Koy reflects on a trip to Louisville and describes the moment he shared with his son during an L.A. earthquake. (Contains strong language.)

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Original airdate: April 1, 2012

About Jo Koy: Lights Out:
Jo Koy imitates three generations of his family, reveals why sleep is a near-death experience and explains why all parents should have pulled out.

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  1. Lol I think it’s funny how people who have never been around tornado sirens how they act when they hear one for the first time. Like yeah just because you hear doesn’t mean it will hit down where you are. I live in ohio where tornadoes aren’t very common but they do happen. I don’t know if this is what happens in every state but when a tornado does happen to form and touch down it normally happens in Wilmington. They will make the surrounding counties make their sirens go off.

  2. I grew up in Montana and now live in Kansas. Yeah. I’ll take earthquakes an-y-day! I am laughing at his siren warning. My cats ran thru the house looking for the intruder cat! 😄

  3. I’m from Louisville and I remember that tornado I was super young scared the crap out of me. They test those sirens every Tuesday at noon, that takes some getting used to lol

  4. I survived a 7.1 earthquake in Alaska in 2018. This was the strongest shake I’ve ever been in. I just dive under a sturdy kitchen table or desk. Thankfully no fatalities. Lots of cracked roads, they were repaired in a few days. Mind you this happened during winter 🥶

  5. Jo.. Born and raised Illinoisian. My family would congragate on the front porch playing multistack Uno while Tornadoes were hoping around the city. I can smell the change in the air and know if its coming our way and get everyone inside.

  6. Are they not called thornados and herricanes. Or was it that they had himacanes and herricanes. Something about turbulent weather resembles human relationships and behavior. May God get the world through the times of turbulence and tension that we may live to see the sun rise, set and the rainbow across the clear blue sky. Thank God for comedy and laughter.

  7. That crap is scary i went to Texas a few years ago and those alarms where going off ,on the other hand earhquakes have to be 5 or or like i say stronger than my washer

  8. This man is a basket case! 😂😝
    Yep, tornadoes, I was in 1 in the 3rd grade, came right past our 3rd floor apartment. Busted glass/windows 4 days, downed power lines sparking, I haven't 4gotten it yet & I'm 63 now.

    I hear the sirens & take off running; dog & all. I look like Stan Laurel. Auntie goes, guit running, screaming & crying, if it's gonna get ya then that's how ur going 2 go.

    I tell her, yeah, but it'll have to catch me 1st 😝

  9. Is it just me or is ignorance and stupidity just not really that funny? I much prefer Carlin or even Joe Rogan who incorporates what they know rather than the fear they have of what they don't.

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