Washington Quake | National Geographic

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Seattle sits on the type of ground that would amplify the effects of an earthquake. Scientists can’t offer a firm prediction when the next one will happen… only the certainty that it will.
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Washington Quake | National Geographic

National Geographic


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  1. I remember hearing the Earthquake thinking initially it was my Washer out of Balance..Then I opened my front door and stood in the doorwell..Ironically our dogs were right on my tail. I went outside to check on my daughter playing in neighbors yard and seen there windows look like plastic rippling..
    It stopped and asked my daughter if she was OK which she was w neighbor. Called my school where I worked as a Custodian and made sure they were all ok…Pretty scary for sure..)

  2. I was at pier 36 (uscg base) when it happened. I watched my weld shop (built over an old pier) split in half and the weld table fell in the water below!

  3. Might be easier to accept if they actually pronounced city and major River names correctly.
    Oh well, I looked at an earthquake map for east of Portland. Looks like we are ok here in Sandy, OR.

  4. I was in 1st grade living in Gig Harbor when the earthquake happened. We were in the middle of class and all sitting at our desks when everything in the room started shaking.

    I’ll always remember how well my first grade teacher handled the situation. Calmly, she just exclaimed “Oop, earthquake everyone! Everyone get under your desks,” as if we were just starting a new activity. She kept us all very calm.

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