Heroic New York police officer jumps into frozen lake to rescue dog | SWNS

Heroic New York police officer jumps into frozen lake to rescue dog | SWNS
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Officer Jonathan Smith, 30, was called to Bond Lake near Lewiston, New York, USA after receiving reports of a Labrador that had fallen in about 50 yards from the shore.

In a heart-in-mouth moment caught on bodycam footage, the brave cop ripped off his equipment and leapt dashed out onto the ice.

The owner of the dog revealed that they had been walking their 10-month-old pup Kona off her lead around the lake at about midday on Wednesday (5/1).

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  1. So…. was that the dog's owner standing on dry land twittling his thumbs.. Did I miss something… was he just not able or scared to go out and save the dog?

  2. He was more fortunate than smart. He should crawl on his stomach and have a stick in his hand. Congratulations on heroism.🐕

  3. Love seeing these kind of heroics — a reminder of the human potential for selflessness and courage. Hats off to this officer for reminding us what humans are meant to be.

  4. Tears of joy! Lots of praise and love for the officers heroic actions. Kona is going to be warming himself by a fire tonight, sipping hot cocoa, raising a toast to his heroes! God bless you gentlemen! 🐕

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