Stories About Meeting God – A Compilation of NDE's

Stories About Meeting God - A Compilation of NDE's
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A compilation of near death experiences about meeting God.

00:00 Jeff Olsen
05:17 Raymond Kinman
09:03 Beverly Brodsky
15:37 Steve Gardipee
19:54 Barbara Whitfield
20:47 Roberta Grimes
21:54 Tricia Barker
23:45 Peter Anthony
25:02 Reinee Pasarow
27:24 Mellen Bendict
29:36 Peter Panagore
38:38 Stephen Damroth


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  1. The more I listen to it, the more I suspect he is just as psychotic as the Old Testament describes. I have lived with psychotic, lying, deceptive people all my life, and I lived with people who actally loved me. The first always "let me know" that they "love" me and created visions I was supposed to believe. The latter ones said nothing and did everything. And that is why the only criterion of love or not love for me is what is done and what is not done. The supposed "God" may say everything, make me feel everything and give me any vision but all what I take into account is what he does and what he doesn't. And all I see he does is not giving a fuck about people, not doing ANYTHING for the children who spent YEARS in doctor Mengele's waiting room, dying of pain and fear. And this is what he DOES and what he DOESN'T. I don't give a slightest FUCK about what he makes me feel or what he says or doesn't say. I can be in Mengele's waiting room for years tomorrow and all I know is that he won't DO any-fucking-thing. That is why I don't trust him and I really hope that there is some REAL god behind this vision-and-feeling-giver. I spent years with most lying, cruel, cheating, stealing and psychotic people I've ever known. And the supposed loving God DID nothing. And I don't fucking care what he says or makes me feel now. He DID nothing and that is what shows his true nature more than any made feeling or vision. He is EVIL because he allows evil. That is all.

  2. I have some suspicion that this is some kind of a performance. Suddenly God who isn't even able to create correct DNA, the creator of a world in which almost everything ends up ripped apart, burned or dissolved in hydrochloric acid alive, is all-loving and all-powerful. Something stinks here. He will probably have a problem with convincing me.

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