Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Top 5 FAILS of the Week #8! (BO3 Not Top 5 #104)

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Top 5 FAILS of the Week #8! (BO3 Not Top 5 #104)
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I hope you enjoy our newest Call Of Duty Top 5 / 10 Fails episode!
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  1. Exact same thing happened to me the other day as in clip number one. I was playing in Aquarium & all of a sudden I was kicked into a completely different match on Fringe.

  2. No footage but had the same thing happen a couple weeks back, thrown in a game half way through then just as it was coming to an end black screen, 3 rings put straight into a completely different game that has just started.

  3. About a week ago i left a free for all lobby to play gun game, and once i was in the game, i got kicked out (just like the number 1 clip) of the game and brought into a free for all game. Like WTF!?

  4. Why do you guys not get more views. Legit we need your videos featured on all these big channels that feature useless videos. ( i am looking at you Chaos and Ali A and etc etc

  5. I swear black ops 3 is a good game, but for fucks sake the fucking servers are shit the lag is disgraceful and the match making is fucked, when i play ill spawn in before the game starts fucking migrating hosts pops up then i get disconnected.


  6. Don't know how to send this clip but my team was playing against some hacker on xbox and he was spawn trapping us on search and destroy we had infinite lives on snd the hacker was getting mad xp and we all left

  7. the care package thing happened to me on hunted safeguard… the entire other team was camping on it since it was in their spawn. my party and I thought it was a hacker and that he had spawned a VTOL from bo2. it was funny but now I know im not the only one 😀

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