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  1. O Jesus I surrender myself and my entire family to you take care of everything. Jesus, Mary, & St. Joseph, I don't even know how to go about this with my situation. Please make it possible that I am able to make an appointment with Fr. . S*****. He will guide me.please Holy Family, PLEASE grant me the grace of Holy courage and please help me have an alternative plan. Please let all end fair and PEACEFUL. Blessed Mother, this is going to be one of the most scariest thing I will have to. But I declare for God in the Most Trinity. I declare the truths of our Lady's Immaculate Conception, I declare the truths that St. Joseph, son of David, terror of demons did have a most pure, modest, holy marriage to our Lady and that he IS the foster father of our Lord and King Jesus Christ, second person of the most Holy Trinity only son of the living God. Holy family, be with me. Please grant the grace of supportive from others. Thank you Holy Family. Eternal Father, I offer you the three drops of precious blood, the two thorns from your son's most Holy crown, and the two wounds from your son's most Holy scourged back, I offer you these worthwhile and acceptable gifts Eternal Father because you gave them to us for anytime we are in trouble, need help, or are alone. Eternal Father, I ask our Lady to approach with my petitions. I dare not even tread.🙏✝️🙏✝️🙏✝️🌷🌹🥀❤️❤️

  2. Christ promised lusia Piccarreta protection from God's full wrath, in areas where her book,"the Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ," are recited.
    I have experienced this protection from violent storms. They split above me & devastated all the surrounding towns with tornados and lightning.
    She is approved by the church

  3. Come soon Lord. Amen. God is merciful. He always forgives. Never be ashamed to take your failures to him. He is for you, not against you! God is with you in the storm. He knows your troubles, he hears you! He is for you, on your side, always! It may feel silent at times, but he’s holding you close! May the Lord return soon! We are drawing closer. He is coming! Believe and trust in the Lord, you will be saved. Period. May the Lord bless you all! Hang in there family. Stay strong. It is not easy following the Lord. We are scoffed at. We give up our earthly dreams, our fleshly desires. What the enemy offers is short lived, but heaven is forever! Life may seem or be unfair, but God is with you! Always remember that. Things may get better or worse for you, but a kingdom awaits you! Finish the race! Repent daily and carry your cross. This world is fading fast. Your troubles are temporary! New channel here, I’d appreciate any kind of support. Don’t give up! God loves you so much! So do I. The Lord bless you!

  4. I asked for Mercy and forgiveness from your LORD JESUS CHRIST for all humanity. Renew and heal the face of the earth. I ask for intercession from Holy Mary and Blessed Joseph on my petition.

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