Shaitan Ka Bhoot || Top 5 Ghost Videos That'll Haunt Your NEW YEAR

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इंसान या शैतान? Top 5 Real Ghost Videos That’ll Haunt Your NEW YEAR

Dekhiye ek redditor ke ghar ke attic me mandrata Alien, Military Base me dikhayi diya ajeeb creature, Abandoned casino dikhayi di asli chudail aur Khaufnak Bachche ka bhoot jo bana ek ladki ki maut ka kaarn, vo bhi Bonus clip ke roop me.

देखिये एक redditor के घर में मंडराता परगृही, इंडोनेशिया का असली शैतान, खंडहर casino में मंडराती चुड़ैल, और खौफ़नाक बच्चे का भयानक भूत, वो भी bonus clip के रूप में।

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These are 5 scary ghost videos of paranormal activity, Ghostly apparitions, poltergeist incidents, Japanese Ghost & There are a lot scary happenings in this list, that you’ll be amazed.

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  1. Bhaji ho sakya te record Karunga mere ghar vi kai bhoot aa

    But harr roj nahi hunda eh sabb

    2005,2007 and 2018 to early 2020 bahut zyada si

    Bahut kuch dekheya from ghost to Black magic

  2. Toh bhaisaab..ending se ye sikhne milta ki… bhoot ko ungli nahi krna chaiye… bache ko jhula nahi jhulne di toh usne murder hi kr diya 🙁🙁🙁🙁

  3. I'm doing my BTech right now in dehradun, India and I live in a room with my friend and we have experienced something's along these months…I've seen a dark figure twice and my friend is like attacked a bit more…he hears and sees things moving too but for some time now it had stopped until recently he claims it moved the guitar but nothing after that 🤷

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