5 Ghosts Caught On Camera – Poltergeist | REACTION

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5 Ghosts Caught On Camera – Poltergeist | REACTION

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  1. The morgue scene had me WEAK 🤣🤣🤣 it reminded me of when you were going to go for your drivers 🚘 test and you can’t parallel park 😂😅😅😅 that ghost failed❌❗️

  2. I'm so sorry they've been doing this for years if you go back to every scary movie they doing this they've done this it's not real everybody wants somebody to be scared for their YouTube channel so when you find me some real s*** that have not seen before I can't even remember the girl's name that pulled the same s*** off that you pulled I don't know her name but it's all the scam but I love your videos and I'm at the end of yours and I have subscribed to you and I am liking your videos I'm not downgrading your videos trust me I'm not but it's just something that I have seen before just like you said in your videos you seen something like this before

  3. I am the same way like when I eat some flour seeds or something like that it seems like something is tickling my nose like I got like a million boogers in my nose but you're not by yourself so you might be watching scary movies and thinking you got boogers in your nose it's okay you still handsome

  4. First of all that first video was fake because who in the hell points out that there are two closets then proceeds to open both closets and show the viewers then all of a sudden the paranormal activity just happens to take place in the closet. 😒

  5. Yep, you sure do ask for the most haunted room in the hotel..
    Paranormal and ghost hunting youtube channels do it all the time.
    The Pyramid hotel in Vagas is supposed to be extremely hunted, with a lady who throw herself from an upstairs walkway onto the main floor below to suspicious deaths in the rooms and people who died of natural conditions.
    Most hotels have a few stories of deaths and or suicideds, some even of murders. Las Vegas is teaming with them all.
    Here in the UK, we have some very old pubs dating back as for as the 15th century. Coachman inns and places that highwayman would go to rest and count up there takings after a long day or night of holding up horses drawn carriages.
    Many of these places are still used as pubs and overnight resting points.
    People repot seeing and hearing things that they can't explain and some have even seen full body visions in their rooms and around the properties.
    Some have reported and even recorded the sound of horses and carriage wheels on rocky roads when there is nothing to be seen.

  6. I used to live with roommates and every single one of them moved out saying the house is haunted roommate after roommate over the years but I’ve never noticed anything and I have to lived there for 302 years.

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  8. They are all easily explained by wind/rats/drops of rain (on the camera), and/or hoax (like the one with the stretcher is hilarious, and requires only three strings of fish wire and two friends). If this is the best proof of ghosts: they dont exist.

  9. Cj faison on hunnycut farm. An old farm that workers went missing and some were found dead. Thought to be the overseer who ran the farm for the owner, was suspected of killing migrant workers.

  10. I live in Texas. Stayed at the Menger Hotel on a numerous occasions. Great location. Next to all the local busy hot spots. We've heard strange noise throughout the night like someone walking down the hallway and no one was there. Awesome history in that hotel too.

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