Strangest 9-1-1 Calls (Reddit Compilation)

Strangest 9-1-1 Calls (Reddit Compilation)
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  1. Had a German exchange student in Needville, Texas try using German emergency number just to see what would happen, he found out the county sheriff would show-up at 0130. 911 in the county will respond to any country’s emergency number because folks visiting the U.S. may not know to call 911.

  2. I'm not an EMT but my dad used to be. When my brother was little, he one day called 911 just so he could talk to my dad, not realizing obviously that that isn't what it's for. My mom and grandma were pissed. lol

  3. I got shammed once they said I have called a few time in the past. -.- only twice have called before that once after being punch in the head, once after someone was being physically abused in public and the third was when someone had tried to commit suicide… that’s the one they shammed me on saying I have called a few times

  4. Okay man I understand the secret code that your batteries are low in your smoke detector hang tight we have the SWAT the FBI the CIA and all local law enforcement from five counties on their way to your home at this very second

  5. I want to be a 911 receiver so when somebody calls and says crap like their extinguisher hasn't been checked I can start to panic and ask them if the person holding them hostage is tearing any weapons and if they've been hurt and let them know that SWAT and the FBI is on the way there and I understand the' different code


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  7. "Apparently constipation and gas can be extremely painful". Yep! I had an issue with gas after my second colonoscopy. No pain meds can help with it either. Not even morphine. Feels like being stabbed in the gut. Labor was horrible but this was way worse. Appendicitis was nothing compared to this. And when I say it felt like getting stabbed, I mean like being stabbed multiple times at once with red hot knives.

  8. A young man who’d worked for me for several years left to become a firefighter. I saw him about a year or so later and asked how it was going. He told me he quit because the only calls he was responding to were old men who’d had a heart attack and died. I guess they still had to perform CPR until an actual doctor could pronounce death. Not exactly the I-want-to-make-a-difference type of job he envisioned.

  9. I tried to think of a witty comment after the ball braising incident. After hearing the trying to put it back part,… I was perplexed more than disgusted! My body shut my mind off a couple seconds to see if Gary was still there! He was!! I think.?

  10. Not an operater but a cleaner in the hospital. I was working in A&E a person got an ambulance for a fucking mouse bite, a pet mouse at that.
    We are understaffed and overcrowded enough, we don't need a moron calling 911 for a god damn mouse bite.

  11. Mad respect for you operators / dispatchers 🤙🤙🤙😘👍👍👍
    My niece is in dispatch (KY) and we couldn't be prouder!!!

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