Missouri's Strange History of Extreme Natural Disasters

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In 2011, a one of the deadliest tornadoes in the history of the U.S. hit Joplin, MO. But almost 200 years earlier, another devastating natural disaster rocked the state.

From: AERIAL AMERICA: Missouri


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  1. Yes, Missouri has extreme weather. In twelve hours have seen it go from 22°C (72°F) to -15°C (-5 °F), seen freezing rain coat everything with 1 cm (1/2 inch) of ice and of course in summer fry eggs on the asphalt. Amazing and Marvellous thunderstorms too.
    Missouri had extreme weather cells in 1973. First in March and April there were record floods, then there were tornadoes every ten days until the middle of July, then it stopped raining and we had record heat. Not much of a corn or soybean crop, plus the oil embargo, soybeans got up to $18 a bushel (~$70 today)
    Yep, I'm a boomer.

  2. I lived on out skirts of Joplin and we had damage here as well but I am grateful for the tornado because it gave me Appollo.. He was scared of storms but was an amazing service dog.. I will always be grateful for the people who gave him to me.. I wish I could tell them how wonderful he turned out to be..

  3. Lee's Summit here. Grew up in South KC but half my dad's family was from Joplin and the other half Warsaw. Mom's family was from farms outside Slater in Saline County. I remember the big fire in Joplin a few years before the tornados.

  4. the New Madrid earthquake is long overdue it could happen anytime. The National Guard has hundreds of thousands of body bags just waiting. What will make it so devastating is if the bridge is on the Missouri and Mississippi River go they'll be no way to get relief into the people but by air

  5. Title says it all. I worked in Missouri once for a few months over a winter and I have never in my life seen such strange and unpredictable weather. Missouri is incredibly underestimated and NOT for the faint of heart.

  6. I have a dark sense of humor so when it got the part about the Earthquakes I just imagined a whole town of people running out of there homes aimlessly and screaming like retards thinking Satan himself was coming to claim thier souls

  7. It isn't outside tornado alley. Maybe parts of the state are, but aside from Joplin, the tri staate tornado comes to mind as another of the most deadly tornados and went through Missouri

  8. SEMO boy here,born and raised in Kennett now living in southern Wisconsin and occasionally we feel the quakes from New Madrid 500 miles north. Sometimes they can shake pictures off the walls

  9. I live in Jeff city it’s probably the safest place in Missouri to live the only natural disaster we have is flooding and we only had one tornado on May 23rd,2019 but For as long as I and my parents lived in Jeff there’s only been flooding besides the one tornado

  10. The 2011 Joplin tornado was the deadliest single tornado since 1947. The deadliest tornado recorded in the U.S. was the Tri State tornado of March, 1925, which killed over 600 people in three states, as it formed in southeastern Missouri, tore through southern Illinois and part of southwest Indiana before dissipating. I'm surprised the Smithosonian Channel could make such an error…

  11. 1:121:17
    Hey! At least the 1970 Ford LTD Sedan survived! Those things are built like tanks, and have a certain character about them, even just sitting parked on the street. It’s probably still roaming around Missouri as we speak! 😎

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