Texas Man Captures "Ghost Girl" on Home Security Camera

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An Austin-area neighborhood was freaked out over the holiday weekend after a man captured eerie images on his home security camera. People initially thought it was a “ghost girl.” However, police were able to solve this one, according to KXAN’s Jala Washington. Details here: https://tinyurl.com/y7f53qgg


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  1. There are homeless and illegals wondering everywhere at night now and they are being mistaken for ghosts,… the high rent everywhere caused by Joe Biden and democrats is so bad now ,..that people are being forced outdoors and into the streets, children too,..

  2. Well the fact that nobody recognizes this young girl is just beyond strange because it’s obviously a ghost

    Usually a little girl like that somebody would have seen her in the area at some point, I know that so yeah I think it’s a ghost.

    Otherwise they’d see her and try to get her help.

  3. got a bunch of damn ghosts and monsters coming on my property every October,they are relatively harmless but they do ask for candy a whole damn bunch and throw poo poo paper all over my house

  4. These camera quality sucks for ages. I recently got security cameras and made sure they capture everything clearly. It will drain my battery but what is the point of having a camera if you can't see what has happened?

  5. Hmmmm… police inform the news that this was actually a lady nearby who had crashed her car and walked home. She appears to be barefoot, in a nightgown. She then goes through his closed gate of his fenced in yard, to then open his screen door, just to leave… on her way home? Likely story. This also appears to be a child.

  6. But later on Tuesday, Mustang Ridge police confirmed to KXAN a woman had crashed her car, and the security camera caught her walking on Searcy’s property. She made it home safely. From link in description.

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