Rescued Baby Zebra Can’t Wait To Reunite With Mom and Dad | The Dodo

Rescued Baby Zebra Can’t Wait To Reunite With Mom and Dad | The Dodo
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People on a safari spotted a baby zebra who was stuck in between two trees. They freed the baby and got to watch her reunite with her parents.

Special thanks to @Robert Yoshioka and @Kapama Private Game Reserve for sharing their footage of this rescue!

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  1. Omg my heart was pounding while they were trying to get it out of the tree 🥺 but when I seen it got up and went to go see Momma and daddy I cried of Joy and happiness for this cute lil guy 😍 God bless all these people and Volunteers who works hard helping and protecting the wild life 🦓🦒🐆🦥🦌🦙🐘🦏🦘🐒

  2. Those zebras are just beautiful. My heart went up to my throat when the baby couldn’t get up. I’m so glad she was just fine. Heartwarming to see her parents reunite with her.

  3. I really sometimes have a hard time to believe that these stories are real, or just set up?! Usually I trust Dodo, but the Zebra looked the exact same two months later, which can simply not be true, and the spot from the tree branch was still there on its right side, AND they’re growing (imagine!)! And besides all this, are people really on a Safari for a whole two months or longer? They said in the video, the same people spotted the zebra again……?!

  4. Wow I'm impressed! That little zebra had the luckiest day of his new life. Not to many help out wild animals anymore. Or should I say allowed to. Absolutely awesome happy for the little one. ❣

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