Smerconish: What social media doesn't show us about Gabby Petito's life

Smerconish: What social media doesn't show us about Gabby Petito's life
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CNN’s Michael Smerconish says new revelations about the negative effects of Instagram and social media made him think about the case of Gabby Petito, the 22-year-old who has not been heard from since going on a road trip with her fiance.

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  1. I, personally will never understand how people get so into social media. To me, the more I see of it, it's like this lonely hearts club. People don't communicate one on one anymore, they text, they get behind a computer and bully people, it's like a giant group of misfits. They seem to consider ''likes" on Facebook their friends, when all they are, are strangers. I only belong to YouTube and I wonder why recipes, or gardening hints get thumbs down. What could possibly offend somebody over planting flowers, or giving you helpful cooking hints? If people ask for my cellphone number and I tell them I don't have a cell phone, they automatically go into a trance, can't think of a word to say to me. I have a cell phone, I don't give out the number, I only use it when I travel, that's it. Yes, and I live and breathe!!
    Technology is great, but you need to know when to put all that stuff away, shut it down and lead a normal life, not offer this fake persona to the world.

  2. Now dont get me wrong I was born in the mornin NOT THIS MORNING THOUGH and if this is real and true I send my condolences and apologize!!! But all these twist and turns in this case is bizarre fuckery at its finest my friends

  3. 🚫🚫☢☢🛑🛑Distraction Distraction oh at its finest u best believe that!!!! Now put that in your pipe and smoke it my beautiful brothers and sisters!!!🚫🚫🚫☢☢🛑🛑🛑

  4. The irony is the government has control over media and propaganda for us all to fall in the dark rabbit hole I mean who would of thought with all these cases there just keeping us distracted ppl one day u will wake up

  5. That was her text on the 30th…the FBI can check the location of its origin….that means that Brian was already driving back when she sent it (she was still alive)…it's a 33-hour trip so to arrive 9-1, he would have had to leave 4 days before. He wasn't even in the state when she was still alive and texting her mother. They made other arrangements for Gabby to get home that we don't know about. What else is her mother withholding to incriminate Brian? This is so sad…he is not the killer but he's been tried and convicted by the media. Two lives lost her…I just hope they honor Gabby by getting the real killer who is still in WY probably.

  6. Part of the problem is that many people don't have enough to do. Instead of finding purpose, they spend most of their free time online in the sometimes delusional world of social media. I don't think Instagram or any of the other social media platforms caused this phenomenon. Did they take advantage of it? Yes. However, we either need to put more pressure on these companies and our legislators to limit their influence or learn more self-control and live a more fulfilled life that doesn't require us to be attached to our phones.

  7. Human's needs solutions to life problems not social media attention, likes & views…& what's worst their families believe the smoke screen, DONT know the true truth of the real life situations.

  8. This is a masonic codes people if you don't understand the signs and symbols you will easily be deceived this is a masonic scripted reality news event to keep the people docile and divided wake up man so many people go missing every year and out of the millions and thousands why is this one hyped up because people love the missing white girl syndrome .

  9. This man fantasized about killing this girl before they took that trip , in fact that trip was for the purpose of killing her , he's paintings of bloody women are not coinsidense .

  10. Before the internet (and still), there were magazines, and tv shows, and movies …. etc …. that all projected a “perfect” life, and beautiful people with little to no problems, and who lived opulent and rich lives. I think anyone with a brain knows that people smile for the camera, whether it’s photos in a scrapbook, or on social media. The issue is that people are conditioned to constantly compare themselves to who and what they see outside of themselves. Advertisers depend on that. Nothing wrong with posting nice photos of scenery or a great outfit, or a celebration …. etc. What needs to be taught in schools at an early age is “Spirituality”, and the fact that we are none of those things. And to learn how to appreciate yourself and the day, no matter who you are, or where you are, or what you have, or what you look like, or what is going on. 🙏💗

  11. Instragram and FB aren't real, neither has been this so called reality TV this generation has grown up with…..the music and fashion news organization like this one as well…the so called influencers …..have left this generation not knowing what is real or fake.. I think these kids are being so messed up and a lot just can't handle it….

  12. This is the majority of the world on social media lol acting happy online but really getting beat behind the scenes, traveling miserably, taking pictures of really unhealthy cheap food lmao, buying certain clothes/shoes just to take pics then return them, lying on status updates for the quo, looking good on camera but in person fugly lmao

  13. I don’t know why they blame social media…. The problem is the people who publish their lives on there. If you don’t have self control of what you publish… then don’t blame social media. Just delete your account if is going to destroy you.🤷🏾‍♀️

  14. I don’t put my personal life out there, my opinion is the only one that counts in that respect. I really feel sorry for these young people, everything is about what others think about them. How you think and see yourself as a human being is what is important.

  15. I agree. Gabby was obsessed with being a star and being in the public eye.. She forced Brian to live with her desire to be public figures. He opposed this vocally and she ignored his wants in this regard. He did what he could to appease her, but naturally it caused many problems when she REQUIRED him to fake who he was for the sake of their Online Identity.

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