10 Most Inspiring Animal Rescues

10 Most Inspiring Animal Rescues
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Animals, especially those in the wild, can be fierce, dangerous, and extremely defensive; they, however, get into situations that they need rescuing from. Even the domestic animals also get into situations like these that put their lives at risk. And they will require human help to get free. Now, would you see an animal in danger and not help? You most likely will find it hard to ignore an animal in discomfort and danger. Some people have rescued animals in the past, and these rescues are heartwarming and inspiring. Here are 10 most inspiring animal rescues

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Number 10. A Cat on the Freeway

This is a typical example of an animal that was in danger, and nobody knew it was in danger. Imagine everyone going about their business without paying attention to this cat trapped in the middle of a freeway in Los Angeles. The freeway has so many cars speeding by every minute, and the drivers naturally had no reason to stop or think an animal might be trapped there. Fortunately, a driver spotted the kitten stopped. It was sheer luck because nobody could have even noticed the cat in the spot that it was.

The driver, Sheila Greene, sent a text immediately to Hope for Paws, an animal rescue organization. A staff member from the organization was at the scene not long after Sheila sent the text. They discovered that the kitten had an infection in its eyes and was terribly malnourished. They fed and cleaned the kitten, and it was named little Napoleon. Had Sheila not driven by and noticed the kitten, it would have died. Nobody could fathom why anyone left a kitten all by itself on the freeway but this rescue

Number 9. Puppies stuck in Tar

In India, two puppies were found stuck in tar. People immediately contacted Animal Aid Unlimited, India, to come and help. The poor puppies almost lost their lives because they were unable to move, and their limbs were stuck in the tar. There was no way they would get out of the tar without help, and it had to be from people who knew how to care for animals. When Animal Aid got to the scene, one of the puppies was in a very terrible condition. Their bodies were covered in so much tar that if they had spent a little more time there, there would be no saving them.

The puppies were taken to an animal shelter, and immediately work started to get rid of the tar. They used oil to soften the tar, which took a very long time. They took out large chunks of tar from the puppies’ bodies and cleaned them. All the tar did not come off because the puppies needed to feed and rest. Later that day, the sisters to the first two rescued puppies were also found stuck in tar, and it took another three days to get the tar out completely. Their mother was also found, and the whole family got reunited again.

Number 8. The Paralyzed Dog

A few years ago, in India, a rescue team was contacted about a dog that had been hit by a car. When the team checked out the dog, they discovered that the dog’s spine and nerves were damaged from the impact of the collision with the car. This made it impossible for the dog to use its limbs properly, and every time the dog would look at its legs, probably wondering why it could not move them. Most times, cases of nerve damage cannot be fixed, but the animal rescue team decided to give it a try and see if they would be able to help the dog walk again.

They started an intensive physical therapy and rest program for the dog. It took several weeks, and the dog was able to walk again. The dog was named Georgi, and many people in the locality found the story inspiring. Focus shifted to the local stray dogs that had been involved in one accident or the other. Even medical practitioners would have said one or two things about the impossibility of the dog recovering from the nerve damages. But it happened with this dog, and it was able to walk again.

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