Hope Rescues Puppy Soaking Wet After Storm

Hope Rescues Puppy Soaking Wet After Storm
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This #HopeForPaws #StrayPaws #DogRescue Marathon Features Top Videos with more great dog rescues like the rescues of these hungry puppies abandoned and all starved for attention!

This is a fund raiser for animal rescues currently needing the most help doing the hardest work right now. Please use the donate button to the right – underneath the video.

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Narration courtesy of Vocal artist Mark Rider: http://ridervo.com


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  1. Help the World Animal Awareness Society save thousands of at risk dogs around the world every year. The work never stops, and we need you. Donate and help us save more lives! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=KHP45KZP99TQL

    However, we completely understand that not everyone can donate. Everyone can still contribute – greatly! Buy merch from our shop, and watch the commercials for free. Share the videos on social media. And, please make YouTube playlist featuring your favorite videos from your favorite series from WA2S Films, and share the playlists with your friends. Make sure you subscribe, and select the bell – so you are always notified of new rescue videos. Every single thing helps these rescues we feature every day. Every single view, comment, like, share, playlist and commercial watch, Oh, and if you want to binge watch a series or two, we won't complain for one second.

    Cheers from Team WA2S

  2. Con más personas como usted
    Y con más personas
    Esterilizando sus animales
    Y v cm on más personas adoptando
    Y con menos personas comprando
    Y con más personas donando
    Tendríamos un mundo sin animales abandonados o en perreras donde su vida corre peligro .
    Es tiempo de que los verdaderos humanos
    Usen su corazón y su cerebro .
    Y es tiempo de que los malva dos eye maltratan o abandonan a sus mascotas
    Sean castigados, y es tiempo de que la humanidad piense que ninguna mascota
    Debería de ser sacrificada
    Solo por su edad o por ser muchos .
    Ya basta .

  3. So sad that so many dogs are running our streets they are starving and having more and more puppies. Something has to
    Be done about all these puppies being born and running our streets.

  4. Please let the black haired lady that I am interested in her before she puts her online to contact me I have searched all Humane Society and Rescues but no luck she would have a good home and we'll taken care of my pup is spoiled and understands a lot of what I say. I love her dearly she is all I have since I lost my husband she will not want for anything my pup gets a new toy every time I go out

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  7. Beautiful puppy love your pet owner is bad for any animals they no good for keeping any animals thank you for sharing your beautiful pets love them all thank you. Bless you all thanks again

  8. Thank you so much guys for saving rescuing puppies dogs you guys are doing absolutely marvellous job thank you so much guys for saving dogs puppies thank you so so much ????????????????????????????

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