The Best Touching Animal Rescues Of The 2020 ?

The Best Touching Animal Rescues Of The 2020 ?
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You saw lots of animal rescue videos on my channel.
Some of them impressed you more than others.
So, now I decided to gather all the coolest stuff in this video.
Be ready to feel touched by the most amazing heroes that did an extremely significant job!

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  1. I was out running my dog in the desert and came across a rattlesnake that looked to be dying from thirst. Since I always carried several containers of water for my dogs i took one and approached the snake. It was so weak that it could barely coil up and rattle at me. I took the lid from the water container, filled it with water, then pushed it close to the snake. It drank as if it had not had any water for a year. As I tried to put more water out for it, it raised its head and began drinking the water as I poured it into the lid. My spouse at the time, got the dogs into the truck so that they would not get bit. Found an old hubcap and filled it full of water and left the snake to hydrate its self. I would have normally caught the snake for a venom research project that was being done, but, this one would not have survived the capture. When we headed home, the snake was not at the water "dish", but there were a couple of big desert iguanas there filling up on water. We stopped again and refilled the hubcap. It had been a rather dry winter and many of the water holes were empty. Most people would probably just killed the venomous snake, I just did not see any reason to, it was not big enough to eat, so I just left water for the little critters. With leaving water, I not only helped the rattler but other small critters as well. Later bought a shallow cat litter box and took it out to the same area, buried in the sand then filled it full of water, every time I took the dogs out to run, we stopped to fill the pan. It gives you a good feeling when you do something nice, when you do not have to.

  2. 19:35 This is a well known scam channel. They have been proven to put animals into these situations that then 'find' them to rescue them. I would recommend not covering any of their videos in the future.

  3. 4:28 That is a fake rescue. they have made animals get stuck in fences on purpose cut dogs EVEN making a king cobra attack a dog for views. and their latest video. they killed a puppy. saying it was run over by a bus. the same puppy that was attacked by a cobra,stuck in a fence,drowning,attacked by a dog,stuck on a tree all of that for views…yes this is true…they have been banned for good…there was no way a puppy could have gotten tangled like that he makes videos of him farming and then hearing a cry of a animal. the same animals over and over again. HE PUTS ANIMALS INTO DANGER THERES NOTHING TOUCHING ABOUT THAT

  4. Language? also why is people going very well viral on TickTock but I know TickTock‘s coronavirus but seriously this is annoying you guys have a stop or else kids are going to see this at a young age that you Tatian and it’s gonna go bad kids are going to know what is 15 adults and teenagers keep doing this stuff going viral kids were seen as a young age their parents are doing this TickTock I’m probably eight years old I know TickTock‘s go viral and 880 years old eight years old kid found this out it’s me only one people are viral you guys should you also if you’re going bro on TickTock you’re messed up also what’s your real name? If you’re not going viral I’m asking your name so I don’t see you language language no no bad like this is so bad I like turtles as I’m showing you the time by the way bye ?? 4:36 Am

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