Head-Sized GIANT MUSHROOMS!! ? Pick + Cook 3 Ways – LOCAL FOOD DELICACY!!

Head-Sized GIANT MUSHROOMS!! ?  Pick + Cook 3 Ways - LOCAL FOOD DELICACY!!
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Huge thank you to the Snow Mushroom Farm (สวนโสนเห็ดตับเต่า คุณหวาน) for hosting me. If you’re in Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand, you can order these giant mushrooms to your doorstep: https://bit.ly/3kcWTD9

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Ayutthaya, Thailand – Just an hour from Bangkok, we had an opportunity to pick, cook, and eat – giant head-sized golden mushrooms! What I immediately liked, is that they do grow the mushrooms and farm them, but they do it in a very natural way, using organic natural methods, and the mushrooms grown naturally in the soil under the trees next to the river.

Hed Dab Dao (เห็ดตับเต่า) – In Thai the mushrooms literally translate to “turtle liver” mushrooms – but I can assure you there’s no turtle and no liver in this video. We debated why they are called turtle liver mushrooms, and eventually we decided – and don’t hold us accountable to this, it’s just our guess – the mushrooms sort of have a liver texture, and they sort of look like a turtle from the top – so Turtle liver mushrooms. I did some research in English, and I believe that they are some type of King bolete mushrooms.

After harvesting some literal head sized golden mushrooms to eat, we then went to cook them. They made three dishes:

“Koy” mushroom salad (ก้อยเห็ดตับเต่า)
Mushrooms with sweet basil (เห็ดตับเต่าผัดโหระพา)
Curry mushrooms (แกงเห็ดตับเต่า)

In order to cook all the mushroom dishes, he first sliced then boiled the mushrooms for about 5 minutes, then set them in cool water. From there, he made the three different Thai mushrooms dishes.

The mushrooms were the highlight, they have an amazing texture, soft and tender, and just perfectly slimy, almost to the point where they melt in your mouth while being hearty and meaty – or livery – at the same time. It was my first time to try King bolete mushrooms (เห็ดตับเต่า) and I loved them!

Thank you for watching this Thai food video, and hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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  1. YOur opening makes me smile every time. Your smile is contagious. Keep doing what you are doing. I have had thoughts of retiring to Thailand. Your vids are an inspiration. You are appreciated for your videos. Stay healthy and keep them coming.

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