Rare River Fish Curry By Our Granny

Rare River Fish Curry By Our Granny
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Rare River Fish Curry By Our Granny


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  1. I cooked this dish exactly how granny made but with Salmon Fish… trust me.. it was sooooo yummy that my husband insisted me to cook it every Sunday ! My whole family asked me about this recipe… please guys do try this curry at home. And coconut powder is must.. it gives a Thai flavour to curry

  2. The best part i like watching is to see all her friends n family enjoying the food ….granny is truly a blessing from god…may God continue showering his blessing upon her…for her age granny is doing the impossible….but when god is the intruder all things are possible!

  3. I am watching from my home in Canada, too far but I feel Grandma is sitting besides me. She is my inspiration to live long with full of energy and smiling face; also she experienced chef. In her 106 years of age how she is handling materials and cooking, should be in 'World Record Book' for our future generation. Love you Mastanama. Pray for your happy, healthy long life. One more thing with in English version I liked your childhood story. You are mentally and physically both are strong

  4. I am not a fish curry lover Granny but that looks very delicious ?????????
    I will definitely try this one ??????❤️❤️❤️

  5. you know what i learned from your video today? your recipes are no doubt top traditional and i love them always… but i learned descaling plain fishes with porous rocks… 🙂 let me tell you another good thing… when i returned to India, i was too busy flying from east to west and south to north for my job, and right at that time my people were arranging my marriage, so i met the girl… the very first question of her was, "can you cook?" asked her why… she answered she can only cook the rice, and rest she covers up with 'ready to eats'… i said, dont you worry, granny will save you… thank you granny… wish you live 100 more years with all of us… 🙂

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