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  1. I see a lot of videos, where ships run into piers. Can anyone explain why this is happening? I mean, you have to go through vigorous school to learn to manage and lead ship to ports and docking. What happens when people on those ships fail?

  2. The idiot here is not the delivery guy. It's whoever left that piece of rebar sticking up waiting to spear someone. Manslaughter charge waiting to happen.

  3. Good god these 3rd world countries are complete shit…Notice how few of these things happen in the US where we have OSHA regulations and oversight lmfao

  4. Some help here! First the volume is too low. Second how about a narration/caption to tell what is the goal that failed to be accomplished? What is the country? Who, What, Where, Why, When of the Story. Short video's should be repeated in slo mothion.

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