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  1. human cloning will be the best and the worst thing to happen to us the best part will be it can help us live longer lives by exchanging vital organs that are failing or if your body is dead but your brain is still alive you might be able to transfer your brain bad thing is what if you can't do any of that what if your clone. it has a mind of its own its own Consciousness its own state of being then how do we take something that we made for us but now has its own Consciousness and murder it basically for ourselves to live longer

  2. Oh no, a christian… <—
    Theories are just that, theories. A lot of people believe theories with out realizing that there were no people present to observe events claimed to prove the theories. This is a form of faith. You believe even though you have no proof, just supporting evidence. I believe this kind of activity will teach us a lot about the world we live in by inspiring GOD to put an end to such corrupting activities. What events led to the need for a clone? Is it possible that the apparent need for clones was something that people have done to themselves? Is it possible that if we don't break what we would use the clones to fix then we wouldn't need clones? I think we are going about life all wrong, and that Jesus holds the best hope for our future. <3

  3. In my opinion human cloning is ethical if used for the right reason mainly allowing infertile parents to have children. However like most things it stands to be abused.

  4. Human cloning does sound interesting, but what about the cloned humans? They technically are also human beings and living creatures, so they have rights. We couldn't simply use them as organ banks, or test subjects.

  5. I say no to human cloning. Just because we can possibly do it, doesn't mean we should. The money in the science community is better off spent on finding a cure for AIDS/HIV, dementia, Alzheimers, cancer and so many other things. Oh and not to mention mosquito-borne diseases!

  6. i think End of days type cloning could be kool but expensive. you know that movie with arnold schwarzenegger. where if you died you could essentially put your most recent memories into a clone and be alive again but then there would be the controversy of the soul so idk im on the fence

  7. Don't worry one day all our modern religions will be just another mythology of the past and we will continue educating people the better advancement of future generations.

  8. Personally I think human clones are perfectly fine. Its just the whole "self preservation" thing that gets humans. We're all supposed to be special, no one else like us. We forget that its our life that makes us. The events that creates a personality unique to only one human. So what if theirs someone else who looks like us out there? Just think of it as a twin. Thats how I see it. If a clone of me helps a couple have a baby they never thought they'd have, or cures a medical or genetic issue, awesome! Movies have given us a horror version of what could be, when it comes to this.
    Yes, there's always going to be someone whos going to exploit it.but aside from businessmen making profits, the scientific development outweighs the POSSIBILITY that others higher on the economic food chain will come in "like a wrecking ball" and screw it all over.

  9. I feel like there will be a whole ethical issue with human cloning because if you clone say for harvesting organs or use them to test diseases than it would be like they have no human rights and property and the clone may fight against that. There could be so many other issues I just think it'll be something out of a syfy movie and those don't usually end well.

  10. I think cloning organs would be very helpful and could save a lot of lifes. humans have feelings and needs and cloning them for whatever reason (the only ones I can imagine are pretty bad for the cloned object) sounds like a VERY bad idea that not even science can warrant for.
    I also believe that when human body parts and organs can be produced there will be a lot of problems with people getting too old and insurance systems and all other kinds of stuff ? a topic I could rant about for days

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