Tourists are paying big money to chase deadly storms | 7NEWS

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American travel company Tempest Tours take whatever Mother Nature throws their way – coming face-to-face with the most extreme weather. Read more:

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  1. Typhoon is a God activies in Australia today , for relieving drought for the sake of agricultrural crops, cattle farming, regreening grass and forest maountain, and also pouring dams. Let the Australians give Praise and Worship to Jesus Christ the Owner of Mother Natures in Heaven and the Earth, He Stopped Bushfire from Jan-March 2020.. from Gerardo Mamaril/a Pilipino servant of God. March 10,2020

  2. I knew a couple of chasers from Oklahoma back in the early 90’s. I was too scared to go out chasing with them though. The excitement is amazing but when you see the destruction and death of livestock and/or humans it is disturbing. These people are made of tougher stuff than me.

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