Natural Disasters? Pandemics? Doesn’t Matter. Don’t Trust Big Government to Save You! | Wilkow

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The Left constantly tells us that more government control is the future. But what proponents never mention is how often the private sector and ordinary people have picked up where the government has failed. Wilkow argues that whether it’s the next big hurricane or a rising pandemic, given the government’s past responses to emergency situations, are these really the people we should trust with our lives? WATCH more Wilkow at:

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  1. My feelings are it is one of the many ways for States to request Federal Funding for big bucks to line their pockets, not to help the people, but their pockets. Example; Clinton’s.

  2. ONLY Jesus The Savior of the world Will Save us! He is represented from Genesis-Revelation and we are to pray for the elected! Claiming 2 Chronicles 7:14 for America For God to Heal Our Land, until Jesus Comes! And we are seeing it in process already! Nexts we will see Roe V Wade overturned and then The Real Healing Will Come! Hallelujah ??????

  3. The people in the comments don't make any sense. Paid experts literally spend their careers planning for every possible situation there could possibly be. And you think you can do better? I'm not saying don't prepare for a disaster on your own, but listen to what you're saying for crying out loud. You talk about "them" (the government) like it isn't made up of people who live in our communities. And just a quick history lesson for BlazeTv. Hurricane Katrina was a disaster on on levels of government. All the way down to the Mayor of New Orleans

  4. NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!! Government is filled with incompetent boobs who only care about maintaining their useless jobs. Government will never save you or be there when the emergency strikes. Government will on,y be there days or weeks later, to collect the bodies, collect taxes and boss the sheep around. Never give up your guns, b/c government is filled with incompetent idiots. When shtf, guns and ammo will be worth more then all the gold and diamonds around. When shtf, people with guns will take from those idiots that have no guns. When the law breaks down, only people with guns and ammo will survive. ie the koreans during LA riots if 1992. MAGA!! ????

  5. Government is the closest thing atheists have for God. It is their repository of hope. Which is why they are so adamant about government's assistance, intervention, and control. Who else would they call on?

  6. Fun fact, Cajun Navy was born during Katrina. Everyone remembers New Orleans and the media focused on them, but there was 200 miles of land and people south of New Orleans that were in dire need as well….government was only focused on New Orleans and citizens had to save themselves and each other. Also sad is that everyone that hears Kstrina and it's all about New Orleans (granted what happened there was horrific, I was there and I saw it unfold first hand) but nobody ever talks about Mississippi. There were towns in Mississippi that Katrina wiped completely off the map! Literally on August 28th 2005 their was a full fledged town and on August 30th 2005, that town no longer existed.

    Cajun navy also single handedly saved lives during hurricane Harvey on the Texas gulf coast.

  7. This is the take down of America, Trump must declare Marshall law, fire all CEOs of CDC, boot WHO organization, stop all traffic into states, he must do this two weeks there will be zero ships are coming in for supplies..wake up..believe its a virus or no, its going to get bad within two Weeks..

  8. I live in one of the major epicenters prone to bad flooding, Houston, and I can tell you straight up we were one of the first cities to take in New Orleans refugees of Katrina after the City of Shreveport was one of the first responders to come to New Orleans. I'm also here to tell you we hate the Army Core of Engineers who have constantly blocked our states from coming in and fixing their crappy levee designs. The Army Core of Idiots is as much to blame as the government who funds them to block the state from stepping in and doing things right.

  9. And people found big wearhouses full of water and food and supplies. That was the mayor she doesn't like Trump she wanted him to look bad

  10. (Psalms 91:1-3) "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. {2} I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. {3} Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome PESTILENCE." (Psalms 91:7) "A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee." I put ALL of my faith and trust in the Lord God.

  11. My grandparents lived through the great depression and my grand father used to tell me as a kid to never get in a situation where I had to depend on someone else because they would only help enough to control me. And he said the government was the worst.

  12. If an elected Socialist government gets into power and a disaster happens that kills thousands do to slow response, it will be blamed on efficiency. You know what is more efficient than democracy? Well, it is a dictatorship the equivalent of permanent state of martial law.

  13. If u know the government, there is a process of approvals and funds when it comes to disasters… They don't have a rush mentality

  14. Notice how all you hear today from those prepper naysayers are crickets? Who's the fool, now, unprepared Darwinian Idiots? They should be red-faced . . . but they're not. Like the proverbial worm, they'll crawl out from under their rocks and be at it again as soon as the most recent crisis is over.

  15. Just like the coronavirus, it's the common flu virus but the government is making it like the biggest scare tactic just to fool the people!!!

  16. Democrats want people on government programs. When they control the public transport, possibly your housing or healthcare, they can also take it away and what can you do about it. Nothing if you vote away your freedom to the democrats.

  17. The U.S. Constitution will not be saved by those who walk the halls of government. It will only be saved by the righteous citizenry of this great country. After the Deep State loses the 2020 election, they can utilize the strength of their collusion with world powers to cause greater havoc than any other time in the history of the United States of America if they desire. Be prepared.

  18. Been through several hurricanes and major floods. Simple truth: in times of disaster, neighbors have only their neighbors (along with local first responders) to lean on during the first 72 hours. The federal government helps with an infusion of cash during recovery. Support the Salvation Army, they are much more caring and helpful than the Red Cross.

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